My Happy Week #69

My Happy Week #69

This week feels like it has flown! It’s been a bit of a bump back down to reality as all my family have headed home and hubby went back to work. Booo! Back to parenting the little loons on my own and keeping on top of the mess they make. How do two small people make so much mess?

I’ve felt a bit meh this week so struggled to find a lot of happy bits but there are always some!

– Although we miss the gremlin when she away, it was nice to have a little break from her waking us up loudly at 6am on Monday. She stayed at Nanny and Grandad’s for the night.

– Spending some time playing with the gremlin when it poured on Tuesday. I did go slowly insane that day but my friend rescued me for a cuppa in the pm.

– Catching up with my work buddy who made a delicious lunch. We went out scooting with the girls and did some hoola hooping. Lots of fun!

– Little Piglet can climb the stairs. Slightly worrying but I do love how she is growing up and getting so physical. She does however never leave me alone and I can do nothing on the laptop with her about!!

– Getting the gremlin’s graduation photo from nursery. She is so cute and nervous looking!

– Catching up with a friend on Thursday morning. Lovely to chat when the gremlin is away.

– Seeing Lucy from Real Mum Reviews who never fails to make me laugh and always panics her kids are naughty (they are not, they are lovely!!)

We have a busy weekend with getting our new boarded out loft organised and then a blogging trip on Sunday in London.

See you soon lovelies!

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