5 Healthy Snacks for a Child Who Dislikes Fruit

Pre-kids I always hoped I would have kids who ate healthy foods. You have these fantasies don’t you? Perfect Mum and these perfect kids! I thought as I lived on fruit, nuts, yoghurt and cereal, so would my kids.

Of course NOTHING with kids ever turns out like you hoped it would. The gremlin was a fabulous eater until I went back to work, around 14 months. She suddenly decided she didn’t want to eat fruit. People told me this would get better. Peer pressure. She’ll grow out of it. She will realise that strawberries taste waaaay better than Weetabix.

No, this has not happened yet. At school fruit is freely available and does she eat it? Does she heck. She isn’t really even a massive fan of juices and smoothies and because I’m not, we don’t have a lot of these in anyway. Many of my friends think it is hilarious, as she is the daughter of a dietitian. Of course she should like fruit but she doesn’t and I can’t force her to eat it. We can melon and raisins down her as a dead cert, occasionally an apple or satsuma but it is rare.

Big sigh! So what do I do? I have to think of healthier snacks if she feels hungry and these are my top 5:

1) Nuts and dried fruit

I’m really pleased to say the little monkey loves almonds and raisins so a small tub of these is a great way to keep her going. Protein, essential fats and fibre. I feel happy knowing this is one of her snacks.

2) Sweetcorn

She may hate fruit but she loves sweetcorn and tends to have that most days. If she is getting peckish before a meal, I often give her a small tub of sweetcorn to graze on. One of her 5 a day!

3) Oatcakes or breadsticks

Oatcakes have got a good fibre content for healthy bowels and I’d much rather her have these than a packet of crisps, which to be honest, we don’t have in the house.

4) Greek Yoghurt

The gremlin is always starving after school and I am reluctant to give her tonnes of fromage frais (more than 1 a day) which she loves. They have their place; calcium and protein but there is a high sugar content. Plain greek yoghurt is creamy and nice, high protein but less sugar. Sometimes she gets a few mini marshmallows on top, which she feels is a lovely treat.

5) Cereal and milk

I do struggle a bit with this one as her fave is raisin wheats which do have a higher sugar content BUT they are wholegrain, have a good fibre content and are fortified with vitamins and minerals. She also likes cornflakes, low sugar Cheerios and have just discovered no added sugar Alpen, which I am surprised at! The milk is extra protein and calcium, so a good snack for her.

You have to pick your battles with your kids don’t you? I know she will never be a fruit-bat like her baby sister but there are some alternatives you can try.

Good luck if you have a fruit dodger too!

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  1. February 16, 2018 / 8:11 am

    Luckily, our kids are generally okay with fruit and veg. Salad is the issue. Great alternatives here though, and I am tempted to try out Greek yogurt with the kids.

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