This week’s word of the week is Ouch!!

This is for both me and my gremlin. You can read here how I have injured myself and am still recovering.

However, my gremlin suffered in quite a legendary manner earlier on this week. I had been away in Amsterdam over the weekend with work and felt quite bad about leaving her. I’m also on annual leave this week so decided to take her out of nursery and take her to some soft play with my friend and her 2 little munchkins. Now, the ratbag was already a bit clingy and sensitive to start with; snotty or a bit funny after I had been away but regardless it wasn’t the best day for her mood.

The poor thing managed to suffer with not 1, not 5 but 6 separate injuries whilst we were at the soft play:

1) Banged head coming down slide

2) Trapped foot in net 

3) Hurt hand on net whilst sliding down some of the soft bumps

4) I trapped her finger in the high chair (terrible mother!!!)

5) Trapped finger in gate when she was hovering around the toilet

6) Fell over (no clue how?!) and bumped head

I felt like the world’s worst Mother, as ear piercing cries followed each injury and after a swift apology to my friend, we left the building. Oops!

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