To Clean or Not to Clean? That is the Question

To Clean or Not to Clean? That is the Question

My Mum is disgusted in me. At 30 years old this still happens.

So what have I done? Had some alcohol-fuelled incident? Forgotten her birthday? No I have got a cleaner. A cleaner.

On reflection I never thought I would get a cleaner. Isn’t that something posh or lazy people do? However, since becoming a Mum my black and white view points have somewhat blended to form a nice murky grey. Having a baby takes up your time; it takes up a hell of a lot of time. I have literally just lay next to my gremlin on my bed whilst she drank her milk and thought,when was the last time I just flopped on my bed and looked at the ceiling? I actually can’t remember. My spare time could never be wasted just “flopping”. I have Eastenders to watch, the gym, my blog, my scrapbook. Every minute counts from 6.45pm, when my little gremlin goes to bed, until I myself need to hit the sack. Well actually my very detailed husband informs me it’s 6.43pm!

My Mum’s other quite fair point is I’m only working 3 days. Can’t I get organised on the days I am off? And yes serious hats off to the full-timers. Mum to be fair didn’t work but still managed to clean the house with me running riot. I just find it impossible. My gremlin has started following me around like a sheep and her fear of the hoover has vanished; instead she likes to try and switch it on making hoover noises! I spend more time watching her then actually doing the cleaning. We are also usually quite busy on my days off. ¬†We go to a singing and dancing class on one morning; I try and catch up with friends, shop, play with her, so the time just vanishes.The weekend comes and I want to spend it as a family, not tag team with my hubby doing various chores whilst the other one looks after the gremlin. Don’t get me wrong we do keep things tidy and reasonably clean; but a deep clean? Forget it.

Mum says she couldn’t trust anyone to clean her house. If my step dad does the bathroom, it’s likely to get re-done. Maybe I’m just not that fussy. We are in a day and age where we do pay for our precious free time. In the past we may have washed our cars ourself; now we can pay around a tenner and get it washed and hoovered and voila! My hubby pays for Amazon Prime – next day delivery for a reasonable fee each year, This literally saved us when the gremlin was born; nappies, toys, muslins ordered and in our hands the next day. Lazy? Maybe but it saved us time and stress in the craziest of 2 weeks when a little whirlwind entered our lives.

So after all the deliberation and chats with pro-cleaner friends (I love you) and after I found going back to work a little harder than I’d anticipated, we agreed to get a cleaner after Christmas. I was recommended one by a friend who assured me she was amazing and I wouldn’t be disappointed. I thought a good clean every 2 weeks would be perfect.

And were we not disappointed, We had our first session this week. Our cleaner spent around two and half hours in the kitchen. She cleaned our oven, our hob and even the toaster. It was amazing and I knew I’d never have the time unless we got the gremlin looked after for a day so we could blitz. She then went round the rest of the house and got it in great shape. We are expecting it to take a few weeks for her to get round and deep clean; then afterwards maintaining will be easy.

My Hob has never looked so clean!!!

I did feel a momentary pang of guilt; as a Mum and wife, shouldn’t I be doing this? But then grabbing my trainers and running off for a Body Pump class, those thoughts vanished quicker than you can say squat! Sorry Mum xxx