Planespotting is the new Trainspotting

Planespotting is the new Trainspotting

I’m a bit of a plane geek. I love watching them. I fascinated by how big they are. How they get into the sky. How noisy there are. I remember being glued to the sky as a child when visiting family down south near Heathrow. It was just a traffic jam of planes in the sky. 

We live quite close to Birmingham airport and I’d been itching to go down and plane spot. The little gremlin is obsessed with planes too and always points them out in the sky and if she hears one always makes a comment. The recent Easter Monday was the sunniest day all year. So warm and sunny and we had been in on the Sunday, with a very tired ratbag with a cough so we NEEDED to get out.

Perfect excuse to plane spot. So we headed down and parked up. 

It was awesome!

We watched a couple take off and loved the boom of the engines (this is getting nerdier by the second!) A couple landed, flying right over our heads. The gremlin was a little apprehensive of the noise but did watch fascinated and probably a bit bemused by her stupidly excited parents. Hubby got some pretty good shots.

Was a truely fab afternoon and we will definitely pop down again during the summer.

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