Vanilla Underground Clothes – A Review.

Vanilla Underground Clothes – A Review.

I love my clothes so when asked to do a review for Vanilla Underground, an online retailer, I was well in there. This is the description of what they sell and who they cater for:

“Vanilla Underground, an online shopping experience dedicated to fans of movies, music, TV, art, gaming and comic books, looking for the latest fashion in t-shirts, hoodies, vests, sweaters, dresses, accessories, toys and gifts for men, women and kids.”

When I was younger I lived in these sorts of clothes and my pyjama collection is still full of tops and vests covered in cartoon characters.  Vanilla Underground offer an enormous choice, an easy to use website and free worldwide delivery (definite bonus!)

Their children’s section is expanding but my gremlin was a little young for some of their fab items so decided to pick something for myself.

I didn’t know what to choose as there was so many brilliant designs! However, in the gremlin house PJ time is around 6pm so what better than a pair of loungepants? Team this idea up with my absolute immature love for the the little man who lives in a pineapple under the sea – Spongebob Squarepants, I had my item (my sense of humour is ridiculous).



I went for a medium size so I would have a bit of room and be comfy. They arrived within a couple of days and are brilliant. The material is of really good quality, so I’m confident there will be no holes appearing. They are comfortable and really bright and attractive!

I’m a total slob once the gremlin goes to bed and will wear these A LOT, especially when it cools down.


I would definitely recommend getting yourself a cuppa and heading over to the website for a browse!