10 Reasons Why I Can’t Keep Up with the WhatsApp Group

I love WhatsApp. I don’t actually know what the major difference is between it and any other message service but for some reason I do use it most of the time. How the heck did we cope as kids without all this? I often sit and ponder over this.

The clincher for WhatsApp is the group chat function. Although I think this is a genius idea, it is also the bane of my life. I love the idea of everyone in my group being able to chat at the same time. No one is left out and it saves lots of time but waking up to over 100 messages, the guilt of being a shit chatter and probably being known as a group ‘lurker’ is not as fun!!

I just cannot keep up!! I’m in a Facebook one and the story is similar. Why? Why am I so bad at keeping up. I thought it was time to spill.

– My marriage would be over. I already spend a good 90 mins doing my blog stuff when the baby goes to sleep. If I then sat on my phone until bedtime, I would be in serious trouble, so I miss it all!

– I work 3 days a week. On those days, especially a Thursday, I barely look at the chat. I’m not home until after 6 and that time when I’m home it’s food and chill time.

– I’m lazy. When I come back to over 100 messages I’ve missed, I just can’t be fagged to read back and rely on the girls for a synopsis.

– I mute it! I feel mean doing this but when I’ve got some work to do, I have to or I’m so distracted.

– My baby wants my phone all the time! Of course if you love something, they love it too don’t they? I have to put it down and hide it to avoid her trying to steal it and to try and be a better influence on her!!

cute blonde baby

– I’m out and about on my days off and weekends. It’s not the best to be sat on chat when you have a family day at National Trust or have met up with your mate for a cuppa is it?

-I get distracted!! I quite often join in and then drop out within 2 mins and lose track of everything. I’ve had to go and bath the kids or one of them wants me or it’s TV time with hubby.

– I’m eating. I do adore my food and 1) I just want to enjoy it and 2) I get yelled at for my phone at the table. Fair dos really.

– I need to switch off from blogging. My main group is a blogger group and sometimes I need to be blog free and stop the blog chat. It’s good for the soul.

-The biggy and I’m sorry guys….I just don’t want to chat sometimes! If I’ve been busy, it’s date night or I’m tired, chatting is just not for me and I just don’t.

I love my WhatsApp group chat but I realise life does just get in the way of me chatting all day long. I guess that’s how it should be but I wish there were more hours in the day, don’t you?