Click Bait for Bloggers….Wrong?

Click Bait.

Some people seem to love it and others seem to hate it. We have all seen it. Social media is full of click bait. That link that just lures you in. That tempting story about a celebrity and some scandalous trouble they are in. A picture with the most exciting bit covered and for both…you just HAVE to click….

To find an advert, nothing at all or that what you thought you would find wasn’t the case at all or the headline has been completely exaggerated.

It can be really frustrating. It feels like a bit of a waste of your time and effort but the point is we all click on it and someone in the ethos is making a lot of money out of us for it.

Some people seem to get really hacked off with it. I’ve seen a friend’s blog post shared on social media get some negativity because of the title; it was inviting clicking apparently. One reader had even gone to the point of summarising the post for others to stop people viewing it on her blog. Extreme? I thought so.

For a blogger it can be extremely useful. Ultimately what do we all want? Page views. Good reads. Good stats. We are not writing for nothing and a good, luring title is what we need to get the clicks. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be however.

I was featured by a well-known blogging network and some of the lines in my post were used. Lines that could have taken the post of context and made it very easy to slate the post and slag me off, without even reading the post. This is what happened and it was the first time I have ever been under the firing line for my blog. The title of my post itself was not classed as click bait at all and it was very obvious a lot of the commenters on social media, had only read the title. If you are a person who is easily upset and anxious, this could be a very negative thing.

But is it wrong for bloggers to use a bit of click bait?

In my opinion it depends. Widely ridiculous titles, for example, “I don’t think you should breastfeed in public” which actually turns out to be a person who may have a mildly negative experience and the post title is actually not their opinion at all, can bring about irritation in the reader. It’s frustrating and can put you off reading that blog again.

However, if the title at least in some ways fits the content of the blog post, then why not? You want people to click and read your blog. You are just playing the internet game and getting the clicks and hits you want. People online are often looking for controversy, something they can read and form an opinion on. Blogging is the perfect platform to hit that market. As a blogger I wouldn’t give someone stick for it, I’d probably be jealous I hadn’t thought of it first.

I think you have to be prepared for some backlash. Often the most clickbaity posts are the most controversial and like for me, some people won’t even click the link and read your post properly. If you skin is thick and you can cope with that, then why not?

Ultimately the majority of bloggers want their voice heard and if this involves being clever with words and a title, fair play to them.

What do you think? Would love some opinions.