What are your Blogging Perks?

It’s not often a barfy post comes out of the mouth of me but sometimes you need one and today it’s about blogging.

I remember starting blogging in January with not the foggiest of what I was getting myself into. Writing posts, reading posts, going self hosted, scheduling blasted tweets…the job list goes on.

I’d heard of people getting products to review, trips away and some real perks to being a blogger (obviously with a lot of hard work from in return!) When a few of these sorts of things started to trickle in, it was fab!

I was lucky as already had 2 personal friends I knew already that blogged. Helen at All the Beautiful Things, who is my linky co-host and Caroline at Becoming a Stay at Home Mum. These 2 have been invaluable, helping me out at the start and giving lots of advice. Helen has received a good few PR emails from me asking them to be vetted first! What has been an added bonus is I feel I have got to them both; Caroline in particular, better through blogging and this has been awesome. I don’t think I miss a day without a Whatsapp from Helen.

Starting the Best and Worst linky has been brilliant too as we have such a lovely, supportive group that link up each week; a real community. I love all the posts, comments and tweets.  It was described by a linker recently as giving them a “fuzzy feeling”. This was music to my ears! That is what blogging is really about; a community and it is such nice world to be in. It is brilliant to write something you feel crappy about and get so much support when you feel you need it most. I’m quite lucky I have not had anything negative come my way so far and that makes it even better.

And then there are the people I have met who are more than just fellow bloggers and have actually become real friends. Friends, in some cases I don’t go a day without speaking to and feel like I have known forever! Something I never expected to gain from a simple hobby as blogging.

And when you get presents from fellow bloggers this is even more amazing. Check out this fabulous pic of my family from one of my blogging besties the Mama.   These people are your real blogging perks and are the main reason I want to carry on.

What about you? Why do you blog?

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