Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster award a few times back in January when I started blogging but never actually did it! Shannon over at Shannonagains has nominated me so I thought I better do it!

Thank you.

I was also nominated by Liz at Working Mummy and Wife too!!


The Rules

So I’m supposed to:

1) Answer the 11 questions set by the nominator

2) Write 11 questions for the people I nominate.

3) Nominate 11 people! This will be insanely hard as I know most people have probably already done this (like I should have done 3 months ago!)

So lets get cracking – here are my questions:

How did you decide on your blog’s name?

This was the hubby. He just came out with it. I wanted something originally that combined my love for fitness and scrapbooking so Run, Jump, Scrap was perfect. Little did I know was that I would be more of a Mummy blogger as this is so popular. However, it still fits as you Run and Jump a lot with kids and without Mummy in the title I’m not bound to just that.

What’s your favourite blog post that you have written?
I probably like one of my first one about being too old to do certain things. It just made me giggle and had lots of reads. You can check it out here.
What’s your favourite colour?
Blue. Always and has been since I was a child. My bridesmaid dresses were a lovely teal colour.
Coffee or Tea?
Tea all the way. I love the smell of coffee but can’t drink it. I have my tea very strong with no sugar.
Who is your favourite Disney Princess?
Ariel the Little Mermaid. She has amazing, long, red hair and I was convinced I was her when I was 7.
Where would you go on holiday if money was no object?
Probably Thailand/Vietnam and that area. It was one place I wanted to go before having the gremlin but was rainy season after we got married and BOOM 3 months later I was pregnant.
Which TV/movie/book character do you think you are most like and why?
Hubby and answered this and said Bianca Jackson from Eastender, Ginger and gobby. Really?
What did you have for breakfast?
I’m always starving and have quite a big breakfast. I have a boiled egg and 2 slices of toast with Marmite and jam, a little handful of almonds and raisins and a cuppa.
How do you unwind after a difficult day?
If it was a weekend maybe some wine. Usually gym, food, time with hubby and scrapbooking/blogging. Lovely evening routine.
If you could send yourself a Tweet to the past, to when would you send it and what would it say. 
Spend more time with your Dad. We lost him a couple of years ago and I always wish to have had more time,
If you could have the power of invisibility or the power of flight, which would you choose and how would you use it?

I think I would like to fly as just seems so cool. Wind in your hair, amazing views. I think having invisibility would open too many naughty doors as well!

My 11 questions for my nominees:


1) What is the most annoying thing you find about blogging?

2) Facebook or Twitter?

3) What is your favourite drink?

4) If you had a day to yourself what would you do?

5) What part of your blog are you most proud of?

6) Name 3 people dead or alive you would have dinner with and why?

7) What did you want to be as a child?

8) What is your favourite restaurant?

9) Apple or Android?

10) Tell me about your best holiday.

11) What are your hobbies apart from blogging?

I now nominate the following blogs. If you have already done this can you re-share maybe? I’m stuck at seven! (sorry!!!)