Adagio Tea – **REVIEW and GIVEAWAY**

I have always been a tea just drinker. For years and years! Even as a teen, I would always come home and have a glass of water and a cup of tea. It’s so comforting and I genuinely think something that makes me happy. Sitting and enjoying a good cuppa is heaven.

I have to admit I’m a tad boring with my tea and usually stick to good old English Breakfast. It is my husband who is quite adventurous and loves trying different varieties. So when Adagio teas contacted me to see if I would like to try a selection of teas and host a giveaway, my hubby was a firm yes and I was keen to widen my tea horizons.

Who are Adagio?

Adagio stock a wide variety of loose teas, so much choice! There are black teas, chai teas, oolong teas, white teas, green teas, matcha teas, herbal teas…the list goes on. I have to add you can get the teas in bags for convenience too.

The flavoured teas are amazing. Some you would never even consider could be a tea. Mango, Christmas, chocolate, caramel and hazelnut are some examples.

They also stock iced teas and a variety of tea wear such as tea makers and cast iron tea pots.

What Were We Sent?

I wasn’t sure where to even begin, so was kindly sent a variety of samples. My husband was really keen to try some Matcha tea, which comes from Japan and is packed with antioxidants. I wanted more of the flavoured teas to try and had my eye on a glass jumbo cup. This retails at £12.

We were sent a tea maker to use to brew the loose teas, which retails at £18.

adagio tea maker

You can see some of the samples we were sent in the picture below. So many! A sample is around £1.50 and makes 10 cups. The more you get in weight of the tea, the cheaper each cup is. You can also get tea bags but there are a little more expensive.

What Did We Think?

My husband has LOVED trying all the different samples. I must admit I’ve not been as adventurous but really liked the caramel and chocolate varieties. My husband has tried so many of the samples and has really enjoyed trialling more teas.

We tried the Matcha tea, which looked like a green smoothie but actually has quite a pleasant taste!

Matcha tea

matcha tea by adagio

Using the tea maker is really easy. You can see from the pictures below. You add a teaspoon to boiling hot water, already added to the maker and let it infuse.

tea infusing in adagio tea maker

You then place the cup underneath the tea maker and press and the tea spills out neatly into the cup, leaving the loose tea behind.

adagio tea maker

I actually love my glass jumbo cup. Even if I am having English breakfast in it in the morning, it just tastes so much better. It’s a study cup and it’s really nice to drink out of cup with a saucer. It really has made tea drinking more of an “experience” and allowed me to enjoy my tea drinking.


There is just so much choice with Adagio and the taste and quality is just fab. If you want to be adventurous and trial new teas, the sample option is just perfect and then you are able to order a little more.

I would fully recommend!

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Disclosure – we were provided with some products to trial free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.