6 Reasons Why Curry is a Healthy Meal Choice

We have a little obsession in our house. No, not Peppa Pig this time. CURRY!


This love isn’t necessarily shared with the gremlin but for myself an my hubby it is a ridiculous obsession. We quite comfortably eat 3 curries a week. Balti, madras, tikka and a Thai curry (I have even got hubby back into salmon after his Norovirus salmon puke, so finally I am getting my weekly dose of Omega 3 oils again – woop!)


Pretty much in heaven when my blogging bestie sent me these…drool

People have come into our house and said it smells of curry. I am worried we may not be able to sell our house, as it smells of curry but I could eat it every day. It is so delicious. When pregnant I ate it even more with jalapenos sprinkled on top. I had a spice crave big time.


A veggie option when I did my low protein diet

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not the head chef in this house. In fact I am not the chef at all. Hubby cooks and I love it. He doesn’t cook the curries from scratch mind but uses curry paste and adds meat, onion, pepper and chopped tomatoes. Personally, I much prefer the paste to the jars as the jars tend to have added sugar and I can really taste the sweetness and it turns me off.

Curry can really form part of a healthy diet and here are my tops tips to why:

  • If you pick a lean source of protein such a chicken, turkey or fish this ensures your curry is not only tasty but filling.
  • If you are a veggie or just fancy a meat-free day you can add beans, lentils or chickpeas to your curry for a fabulous source of both protein and fibre.
  • You can add loads of veggies to curry. I can even manage cauliflower in mine and this really isn’t usually one of my faves. ┬áSo easy to boost your intake if you are aiming for your 5 a day.
  • There has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of spices in curry powders. These spices include turmeric, coriander, cumin seeds, dried red chilli, cardamom and bay leaves to name a few. ┬áThere has been some reports that there is an anti-inflammatory and potential anti-cancer effect in some of the spices. Bear in mind these are reports. However, they taste fabulous and any potential benefit is a bonus.
  • If you are watching your calorie intake, ensure you add a small amount of oil when cooking. A tablespoon for a family of 4 would be a good amount and would provide around 135kcals between you all.
  • If having rice, try and pick basmati or brown rice and stick the portion recommended on the packet. Or half this and have some extra vegetables.

The curry love in our house is endless and it is not only tasty but can be a really healthy meal.