5 Thoughts I Use to Get up and Workout

A lot of people say I have a lot of motivation for a good workout (or I’m insane, a lunatic, obsessed…the list does go on!) It is a priority for me (though saying that I feel I have done less recently!). I do make myself get out of bed at the crack of dawn when often both hubby and the gremlin are in bed, still asleep. It’s dark and cold and yes I often really don’t want to go but I do. That motivation is undoubtedly strong.

jumping lady

It is hard when you have little ones to fit in fitness, especially if you work or have a partner who works late. This is compounded by dark nights and cold weather. It is so much easier to roll over and snooze and a little longer or start a Facebook chat in my case!

I was thinking about my motivation and the thoughts that get me up and out of bed. I thought I would share them with you in the hope I could motivate you too!!

These are 5 of the thoughts I have just after the alarm goes off at 6am:

  1. I’m getting it over with – if you get up and get it done, it is DONE! No need to think about it later after work or when the kids are in bed. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy exercise but I need these thoughts.
  2. Exercise really does invigorate you and boost your mood. Sometimes I have had the worst night’s sleep but I make myself exercise and I genuinely do feel so much better. It’s also easy to be a bit lazier in the day after a good workout.
  3. The house or gym is usually very quiet first thing in the morning and you can get your workout done in peace.
  4. Think about that lovely filling breakfast you can have when you are done. I always have a boiled egg and toast when I get home and it always tastes even better after the gym.
  5. I will have fun once I’m there. The banter, someone yelling at me to work harder and the actual exercise. It is a good laugh in the end.

It’s tough to get in the zone but motivation is all in the mind so power through the slug and get up and exercise. You will feel better for it!