The Benefits of Pole Dancing for Fitness

I mentioned in a previous post how I used to learn how to pole dance when I was at Uni. I loved it. It was different, exhausting, exhilarating and I was just so strong.

girl pole dancing


Pole dancing uses muscles you don’t know you have. You work pretty much every one in your body, without always realising it. It is also brilliant for toning and boosting your self-confidence. Your strength increases, especially your upper body strength. I could do pull ups with no problems after a while.

This was called flagpole..snapped at just the right moment!!

After finishing Uni I had to stop as local clubs were a bit more expensive and there was no way my Mum was letting me have a pole in the house. So I got a few pole fixes on nights out and the odd hen do.

This one is called chopper and was my favourite!

However last week my local gym did a taster session and I was there like a shot. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures so all are from my Uni days.

Alcohol plus pole = bravery and wearing PE knickers on a night out!!!

We were split into groups of 4 to share a pole and started with some of the basics like just walking confidently around the pole. Then we picked up a bit and learnt the fireman, which is basically just spinning around.

Another girl and I were dying to have a climb and an invert (as could remember how to do it from previous days!). I was pleased I could still climb to the top and could flip upside down. I’m hoping to go along again to the instructor’s local sessions as I really enjoyed it.

There is no pressure to pick it all up quickly and the group was really friendly.

There is something quite liberating about pole exercise; perhaps just the sense of getting stronger. You don’t have to be a model. I remember some of the best dancers were muscular and had plenty of curves. You do need to wear shorts as this helps with the tricks. Leggings cause you to slide off. What I have found though is people do not care, body insecurities are left at the door. People wear whatever they want, look go and feel confident, which is fab!

Downside. I do bruise easily so have a couple on my shins. Semi-downside. I can’t laugh, cough and breathe deeply as I ache so much. Despite being a regular gym goer, the lifting of your whole body uses muscles I must hide away. I’m off for a relaxing soak!

Don’t let this put you off though. If you get the chance to pole dance, do it! It’s liberating, fun and really doesn’t feel like exercise!