The Big Girl’s Gym

The Big Girl’s Gym

So my lovely friend Lisa had been threatening to take me to her gym for a leg beasting for quite a while now. It’s been some time since I have done a lot of leg weights since my knee op but it’s been loads better so I thought I would give it a whirl.

The gym we went to is a proper hard core lifting place.You definitely don’t go to pout and pose in front of the mirror. Even the guy were different to my usual place; more serious about their session and there was a good vibe. I’m not saying at my usual place it’s not good but I felt immediately comfortable and any insecurities about gym clicks were left at the door.

We started off on the stepper. This was a proper Stairmaster machine where you actually climbed stairs. I’d read the book American Psycho a while back and the main character Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale in the film!) always went on about the Stairmaster so getting a go on one of these was a novelty. We only went on for a warm up and a quick catch up before the work began.

My phone battery died after a few minutes which was mega annoying so I only managed to get a couple of pics of  Lisa. She has had some personal training herself and we met through her teaching me Body Pump, Body Step and Body Attack at my previous gym. So basically she knew what she was doing!

She took me threw a series of leg exercises using the machines. We did squats, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, walking lunges and some really random machine (which I wish I had a picture of!). It was a variation of squatting and really good at giving me the jelly legs. I really recommend going with someone to the gym as it is so motivating. Lisa made me work a lot harder and pushed me to do that extra rep when I was getting really tired!!

 We did about 45 minutes and that was enough to feel the burn. I will definitely go again as it added some variety to my usual sessions and that is what is needed when training. Your body gets used to the same exercises and you need to mix it up to test yourself.
I didn’t wake up with dead legs the next morning but after being sat in my chair at work for an hour standing up was a tad trick.