Operation Six Pack

I ummed and erred about writing this post. I am almost 4 weeks post partum and definitely ready to start planning my fitness regime and getting back into shape post Piglet’s birth.


Why was I hesitant to write this? Probably for fear of judgement.

It’s a funny old world sometimes. The media is quite well known (Daily Mail) for flaunting all the celebs who bounce back into shape in a fraction of a second post giving birth and this is a massive pressure for ladies with a) no personal chef or b) no personal trainer or c) no fricking time!! Social media has fought back. My wall is full of memes, posts and pictures from friends and bloggers of normal post partum bodies. Stretch marks, rounded tums, extra weight and saggy boobs. These memes and pictures are proud! They send a big FU to the media and celebrity world. They scream normality and are a massive reassurance for all women post birth. You don’t have to bounce back. Love your bodies; they grew a life, went through a hell of a lot so take your time and recover. This is great and how it should be.

However, I reckon if I posted a picture of me back in some of my pre-pregnancy jeans now, I don’t know if it would go down the same way as one of the memes I mentioned above!! This shouldn’t be the case really, as some people do just pop back after a baby and this is just as normal.

The picture below shows me 2 days post partum. I hardly took any pics (useless!):


This is me 1 week.


I’m not one of these women who wants to wait an age to get my body back. Anyone who reads my blog knows I love to exercise. It’s not a chore; it’s a lifestyle and I miss it. Three weeks and a lot of walking later my tummy has deflated. I can slowly see my abs coming together but it’s not “my tummy”. The tummy I had pre-gremlin and pre-Piglet. I want to get fit again. I want to slot some fitness and gym time into my new routine and as hubby works from home and so far Piglet has taken some expressed milk; I’m hoping to slot it in.

So I may not be typical. I’m going to wait and do things properly but I’m proud to admit I want my pre-preggers body back and I’m going to work at it when I can!

So what is my plan? What is operation six pack?

Ideally I should be waiting for my 6 week check but I’m going to go back to the gym around 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks I will be doing light cardio only. No weights, no abs and no high impact at all. I’m thinking a 40-45 minute session consisting of the cross trainer, stair master and bike.

I have had a bit of pelvic pain on the left which started pre the birth of Piglet. I think this may be mild SPD so I will get this checked at 6 weeks. I do feel this is improving though. After my 6 week check, I will move onto the weight machines and build slowly from there.

Guidelines suggest no running or high impact for 5 months due to the healing of the pelvic floor and the joints being more relaxed due to the hormones of pregnancy. I’m going to take my time this time around. With the gremlin I pulled my back by working my abs too early and pulled both deltoid muscles and these took an age to feel better.

Spinning will be brilliant as are short sessions, will build up my aerobic fitness and tone my bum and legs. I’m also planning to go back to Body Pump and build up my weights again.

Insanity and circuits may have to wait until the New Year. I’m just really keen to avoid injury this time!

So watch this space. I will be documenting what I am up to and I hope to be back in the swing by Christmas.

Wish me luck!

My Petit Canard