Mummys Getting Fit with Boudavida – **REVIEW**

Having a baby takes a mammoth toll on your body and after you have had these little creatures, quite often the last thing on your mind is getting fit.

That’s fair enough and in the very early days, you are not advised to exercise fully for the first 6 weeks until you have been checked. After this point though, when all is good to go, there is often so many other factors that stop exercise happening.

Tiredness! This little newborn may not be sleeping much and this means neither will you really. Even though exercise can actually boost your mood and make you feel better, you need that kick to get moving.

Time. You can sometimes barely have time to shower or drink a cup of hot tea, let alone exercise. You feel your free time should be used to do chores, spend time with your partner or maybe other kids. But sometimes you need to put yourself first.

Confidence. Your body shape can completely change after a baby and although you may want to get back in shape, you just can’t bring yourself to hit the gym or go out in public for a run. Your tummy, hips, boobs and bum may not even feel like yours anymore.

This need not be the case. As someone who loves to exercise, I find new gym kit can make you feel so much more confident. Bright colours and just feeling comfortable can help you to find the motivation to go and work out. Boudavida clothes maybe the answer.

Who Are Boudavida?

Boudavida are a sport and active wear company that want to combine function and fashion. They want women to feel inspired to exercise and keep fit. Even better, 5% of every sale goes back into projects that support women’s and girls’ sport.

They stock a range of active wear products, including bottoms, tops, outer wear and underwear. You can kit yourself out for gym work, yoga and outdoor sports, such as running.

Their products are bright and colourful.

What Was I Sent?

As a keen gym goer, I am always thrilled to receive new kit.

I was sent a Dynamo Vest in turquoise which ranges from size 8-18 and retails at £50. It is also available in blue, orange, white or black. The fabric is soft and fast drying to keep you comfortable and it’s recommended for most activities. You can see this on the image below from the website.

I was also sent some some Sassy leggings in granite. These are available in granite, herringbone and swirls, sizes 8-16. They currently retail at £80.


You leggings are reversible and there is a handy security pocket. They are made from moisture wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable and are perfect for a variety of activities.

What Did I Think?

I loved the gear! My first thoughts were how soft the material was and stretchy. Both items fit well and felt comfortable. I also loved the way they looked. Stylish and vibrant and I was looking forward to testing them out in the gym.

redhead girl wearing boudavida gym clothes

girl stretching wearing boudavida clothes

girl posing in Boudavida gym clothes

At the gym they were comfortable, kept me cool and fresh and I felt good! I love the pattern on the leggings and the fit.

I have to admit these gym clothes are quite pricey but they are of good quality, good design and I get the feeling will last a long time and that’s the important thing. You end up spending a lot if you have to keep replacing gym gear, so worth getting some to last.

I was impressed with the quality and clothes from Boudavida. I like the way money goes from sales for girl’s sport too. Worth checking out if you are planning to get back into fitness and want some comfortable, stylish workout apparel.


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Disclosure – I was sent these items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.