Sorry Not Sorry

You know that stupid phrase you may have used as a kid: sorry not sorry? You stole your mate’s last sweet but you don’t care! You beat them at a fun kid’s game. You know the type of things. You are kind of sorry but basically not. Okay when you say it but if someone says it to you? Flipping annoying. Almost punch worthy.

So it’s kind of tricky for me with my gremlin when she’s guilty of maybe not saying this phrase but acting it out. And actions always speak louder than words eh?

Basically the little stinker has got in the habit of doing things she KNOWS she shouldn’t be doing but thinks if she says sorry at the time it will be OK. Wrong, gremlin, wrong! 

It’s usually stuff to get little sister but can be pretty much anything. She thinks uttering the words ‘sorry mummy’ and grinning at me means I’ll let her off. Some things are forgivable, others down right ridiculous, others just plain naughty.

I’ll give you some examples. Sorry…

  • For smearing yoghurt all over my face as I eat. I’m sure you Mummy, will clean me up.
  • For putting my foot in my sister’s face. She enjoys sucking on my toes.
  • For diving in the bath and creating a tidal wave. It was an accident.
  • For putting goggles on my sister. She does like it honestly. 
  • For sticking her foot in my bits 10 times in a row in the bath. Really???
  • For leaving 10 outfits on the floor as I got changed that many times today.
  • For tipping my sister upside down in the car seat and trying to undo her straps. Yes true!
  • For taking all my sister’s toys to bed. I NEED them. 
  • For pushing a chair to the worktop and stealing raisins. I was hungry. 
  • For shouting really loudly and grinning just after I told her to be quiet as Piglet is asleep. This always ends in tears.
  • To her sister as she bounces her so hard in the Jumparoo her head falls off!

It’s a lovely habit I’m hoping to stop. What makes it worse is I want to laugh at her stupid, grinning face but I have to stay strong. 

I can just see the future scenarios if I don’t! Sorry I crashed your car. Sorry I ordered 100 Barbies off Amazon using your credit card. Sorry I drank all the wine in the fridge!! The list could go on!

She’s smart. She knows what she’s doing. I just need to be on the ball that little bit more.

Wish me luck!!