Siblings Project March

My two little siblings in March!

Spring is seriously on it’s way (or here?) The gremlin is really excited as she can wear skirts with no tights but it really is crazy to think it is pushing 3 months since Christmas and almost 6 months since my grem became a big sister.

I was always told as Piglet grew and become more interactive it would be a delight watching the two of them and this is so true. Piglet seriously has only eyes for the gremlin and she will desperately follow her around the room. If she is looking a bit serious, the grem is always the one to get the beaming smiles and she loves being that special person.

On the negative side, the gremlin has started to become more clingy. Diving onto my knee in bed before Piglet is handed to me so I can feed her and demanding cuddles when I need to do things for her sister. All expected and all normal I guess. Piglet is no longer a sleeping, twitchy newborn but a little person, who eats, smiles and giggles. It must be hard sharing your Mum and the jealousy is creeping in. Not just with me but her Nanny as well.

The gremlin is hard to leave alone with her baby sister, not for fear of deliberately hurting her but for wanting to pick her up and roll her onto her chest on the bed. I caught little Piglet on the floor by her car seat, as the gremlin had “kindly” got her out. Help!!

I’m looking forward to the summer when the two of them can get out in the garden together.

Here are my best snaps from the month. I’ve enjoyed using hubby’s camera a bit more to improve my pictures.