Siblings – October

I’m a bit late to the party for my October siblings post as I realised they are meant to be posted in the middle of the month.


However, I decided as I actually have 2 children (OMG) I didn’t want to wait until next month to write my post about my girls.

Piglet has just passed the 4 week mark (insane) but awesome and my gremlin has been a big sister for all of that time. I’m not saying it has been easy with two but the gremlin has been no where near as bad as she could have been.


We do think she is quite conflicted at times. There is an obvious massive love between her and her baby sister. In the mornings, Piglet is the first person she wants to see, she wants to touch her all the time and she is VERY affectionate. ┬áThere has never been any aggression from her which we knew would be the case but we have seen some sneaky touching of Piglet by the gremlin’s foot or hand and a sneaky look at us for a reaction. We have found the nagging and getting at her to be gentle very tiresome. I hate nagging. I hate the look on her face when we tell her off. We try so hard not to shout but we still feel we are being quite negative. Unfortunately, the gremlin has not changed and a lot of behaviours are repeated!!


She does play up when the attention is on her sister. This is usually giddy behaviour and not listening. We feel there is some resentment and jealously present but the gremlin isn’t sure how to play those feelings, so acts up. I guess those feelings are normal. You love your family but sometimes you are just fed up with them. Rather, than be awful to them, you are generally a pain in the backside!!

Piglet knows her sister; this is very obvious. She tracks her voice, doesn’t seem to mind the cuddles and batterings and can calm down when the gremlin is around (as long as she isn’t getting poked). The gremlin is already being really helpful and will rock the car seat for me, if we are on our way out and her tired sister is yelling at me. She fetches clothes, passes me nappies and sings to her sister if she is getting arsey on the changing mat!

These things are lovely to see.



We have survived the first 4 weeks as a family of four. I’m sure as time passes it will become even more normal. I’m already looking forward to my next siblings post. How will my girls be doing in November?

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