Siblings December

I’m actually a little early for my siblings post this month! It’s due on the 15th but I decided I would get organised. It’s hard to believe the gremlin has been a big sister for 3 months almost and my little Piglet will be moving out of the newborn phase. Scary but exciting as she is coming along so well.

So another month has passed? Is the gremlin any less all over her sister. No. Absolutely not. She is STILL smothering her sister with love and kisses at every opportunity. We know this is mainly genuine as Piglet can be sat alone minding her own business and she is pounced on. At other times, me or hubby or my Mum can have Piglet and the gremlin has to intervene too. We think this is more of a jealousy thing as the attention is not on her. I’m getting used to it now and so is Piglet but for anyone not around much, I hear audible gasps and the gremlin “loves” her sister. I think poor Piglet just looks squashed. Piglet does get pretty fed up sometimes and yells at the gremlin and this still helps us removing Piglet from the clutches of her big sister.

Regardless of this, Piglet obviously loves her sister as her eyes are always on the gremlin when she is around. She is responding much more with smiles and coos to the gremlin and this really has helped with bonding and love. There has been no obvious aggression and meanness from the gremlin to Piglet and this is the most important thing in my eyes.

The gremlin is definitely just herself now. Any playing up and giddiness is just her being a 3 year old and is manageable. I’ve had a couple of occasions when both are crying; Piglet was tired and the gremlin hurt herself. I had to tag team between the two and this is fun when you are trying to get out of the house!

Overall my girls are definitely bonding and I’m hoping their relationship really continues to grow.

See you in January!


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