My Happy Week #35

My Happy Week #35

It has been a week of family this week; my Nan has stayed from Sunday to Wednesday and my brother was over at the weekend visiting little Piglet. This has been really nice. Piglet hit a month old this week which is pretty crazy to think really but time passes and we just can’t stop it!

What has made us happy this week?

  • Family visiting!! It doesn’t happen that often so always makes a change and lovely to catch up.
  • The gremlin made me laugh so much pushing her buggy to the park and then pushing her baby on the swing. She promised me I wouldn’t have to carry her buggy and she would walk the whole way and she did. Plus she was sooo excited on the swing and her mouth was all open wide!
  • The best jacket potato cheese and beans for lunch. I am pretty hungry at the moment and I’m aware I need to eat plenty if breastfeeding.
  • I got back to the gym! Woop! I think I am going to have to play it by ear about when I go but as long as Piglet taking some milk from a bottle, it is manageable.
  • My old Uni mate coming to meet Piglet – was lovely to catch up.
  • Cuddles with my my little baby – I do enjoy it even though I get sweet FA done, blogwise or otherwise.
  • Taking the gremlin to a Halloween do on Friday eve with her little friends. I’m not a big Halloween person but she loves things spooky.

We have a bit more of a chilled weekend planned; seeing a friend and possibly some National Trust time! Have a great one and see you next time lovelies.

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