Doctor Doctor!

Doctor Doctor!

So my little gremlin has had to have her first course of antibiotics this week. She’s almost 18 months old so am quite pleased. It’s not like I have an aversion to them or anything but I do think sometimes GPs hand them out like sweets to placate worrying parents. They do absolutely boot all for a cough or cold, unless a chest infection and prior to this she’d always been ok.

I knew that my gremlin was coming down with something as the food refusal started again. She’s a pretty predictable gremlin I’ll give her that. The next day my daughter had vanished and was replaced with an overheating limpet. My gremlin isn’t always the cuddliest of girls; when she fancies a snuggle she’s at my side but this isn’t all the time. So when I had a girl surgically attached to me with enough heat coming off enough to heat a small house, I knew things weren’t good. She didn’t really have any specific symptoms as such so we sent her off to bed with some Calpol. She was no better the next day, not eating, crying and just so hot! By teatime I decided to call the doctor and pop down; one ear infection diagnosis and some antibiotics later things are starting to improve.

You see I actually worry about the calling the doctor. This may sound crazy but instead of being neurotic about my child and her health, I’m neurotic about being neurotic. Perhaps myself, working in the health service and knowing how stretched it is makes me hold back. I know how hard it can be to get a GP appointment for some and I hate the thought of going down with something and it being pointless. I recently went down myself with an ear infection and a perforated ear drum. My GP fit me in after a phone conversation where I was worrying as I couldn’t really hear out of my left ear. I remember saying I was worried about wasting her time and she replied, “don’t worry, the majority of my surgery haven’t worried about that this morning!” So I know it’s an issue. This really didn’t help my case!

My Mum thinks I’m quite chilled out about it and has suggested I take my gremlin down many times before when she’s had a bump or been unwell but I have always hesitated and usually left it unless my gut instinct said it was bad, like this time. I’ve never taken her for a cough or cold. Of course if it was prolonged and she had a bad temperature I would but I know these are usually viral and there’s nothing they can do apart from ride it out. I called our health visitor once after her poop turned white after a stomach bug, I’d done a bit of research and wasn’t really too concerned but the health visitor immediately said to visit the GP. I know they have to be careful, so I went, against my gut and we were out within 2 minutes. Totally normal and come back if doesn’t resolve. Her poop went back to normal a day later.

I think as Mum’s we usually go by our gut feeling and know our children well but I’m asking you. Do you live in the Doctor’s surgery or do you tend to wait a bit and see? Would love to know.