My Happy Week #57

It’s Easter tomorrow! I feel like it was only Christmas 2 minutes ago but hey!

Hubby has been busy with work this week so I have been alone with the girls for longer. I definitely count my blessings having him working from home and a bit of adult chat now and then!

So what has made us happy this week:

  • The weather!! We managed plan spotting, a BBQ and just some lovely time in the garden. My Mum was over and we went shopping for hols and it was lovely having a Costa in the sun.
  • Little Piglet has her first tooth! It is obviously one of the bottom ones but she doesn’t seem to have been that bothered. We have all had a cold but she has been ok so far.
  • Taking the gremlin to see Peppa Pig, which was also her first cinema trip. She loved and it and we had popcorn. It was nice to have the time together but she was a little monster afterwards!
  • Getting some fab clothes for the summer and being able to fit in them! Last year I was pregnant so basically bought a load of Primark gear as knew it wouldn’t last long.
  • Having some time to play with the gremlin on Wednesday. It was a hard day but we had some time to make up some games.
  • Hubby being off work on Good Friday – always nice to have some time together.

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter and see you next time!

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