I love social media, blogging, chatting and generally messing around on my laptop and phone. It takes a strong person to sit down to a task in hand and complete it with no distractions. I am crap at doing this and admire anyone who can.

It has been a very long time since I “lived” in a way, with no distractions. My phone is always around; another picture to share, blog post to read, Facebook stalk to do. My daughter is calling for me or a task comes into my head and I must do it now.

I actually feel like I had forgotten what is was like to be truly engrossed in one thing. Even at the gym I may be messing around with track changes or chatting in a class.

This was until this week.

Since quitting my job on a Monday, I have given 4 weeks notice to the gremlin’s nursery. This means I tend to drop her off for half a dayish and have some time to get a few things do, gym, clean (ahem), blog and chill.

This week I met up with the lovely Iona from Redpeffer, who I met through blogging and just randomly chatting to on Twitter. Iona’s very pleasant two small people are at school during the day and although we have all met in school holidays, usually it is just a trio when we meet; us ladies and a small gremlin. I am very lucky that said gremlin has actually been really well behaved on all occasions (a scone and a babycinno will help with that) but sometimes you just want some adult chat.

So gremlin in nursery on a Monday = Mummy bit of free time = lunch date with another lovely adult! Woop!

We met at 11.30 for lunch (I’m pregnant and hungry and Iona is just hungry). At 1.45pm we had to leg it for shopping and school pick ups. That time flew by and I can’t remember that last time I have sat uninterrupted for that long and just chatted, not looked at my phone or been distracted. I can’t remember the last time I was in a cafe and ordered a second round of drinks or went for pudding! It’s been a very long time and it was lovely.

I came out feeling really good and refreshed and thinking I really need to do this more often. I need to leave my phone at home more often or deep within my bag, especially if going on date nights with hubby.

I really think we are in a world of distraction. Hubby and I went out for a meal a few weeks ago and sat watching a teenage girl on her phone the whole time whilst her Mum and Dad were chatting. What was the point of that family meal? It looks bad. It is bad and I know I need to continue to rediscover that art of conversation and being able to sit with one thing at a time; whether it is time with my gremlin, meeting a friend or doing some crafting.

Focusing on just one thing and becoming so absorbed is a feeling I don’t want to forget!

The Reading Residence