16 week Bump Update

It’s hard to believe 3 weeks have past since I posted my announcement that the gremlin was going to be a big sister. Time has started to go a bit quicker. Possibly as I am feeling a little better. I had my 16 week check on Wednesday and it was amazing. Firstly the gremlin was sooo well behaved and cute, I think the midwives thought she could be an angel. Big fat HA! Also we both got to hear Baby’s heartbeat which was fabulous. All fine and now just waiting for the 20 week scan.

So how are things going now?


I am starting to feel much less sick but I cannot say it has lifted completely (hence one of reasons why everyone thinks I am having a boy!). It stopped at 12 weeks with the gremlin. It’s definitely much better but if I delay food for too long it creeps up. Also I do tend to feel off most mornings until lunch and before bed as well. Ah well, I’m sure it will go soon (I hope). I also still have the funny taste in my mouth but I remember that lasted for ages previously.

I’m much less tired now and don’t feel I need to be in bed by 9pm.

I’m also getting random aches and pains high in my glutes. I few have said could be a sciatica pain so I was a bit worried. However, I have been using my bum and legs a lot more in the gym as unable to work my tummy for obvious reasons, so wondering if just some overuse?

The weirdest symptom I had was almost urine retention. It’s happened twice but I have been lazy and let my self get busting for a wee. Then I physically have been unable to go!! So painful and frustrating. I had to walk around and jiggle my tummy about. Also just relaxing helped and I could finally pee both times. Such a relief. I was guessing baby was pressing on a tube and a full bladder was not helping. Must go for a wee when I need to.

I have been reasonably cold free since the last post but am coughing as we speak. I feel ok but something is definitely there; hopefully it will pass quickly. Update I am now in full on cough and cold mode and so is the gremlin. Big fat sigh.

Food and Cravings

I am still permanently hungry and am completely loving my food. The mornings are still the hardest; by 9.30am I could eat my lunch and I am trying to eat healthy snacks. I would say my cravings are salty, strong tasting foods (another boy symptom?) so am loving salt and vinegar snack a jacks and olives. I will pretty much eat anything and not said no to any Easter chocolate. I am missing my wine on a Saturday now the nausea has passed. Hubby and I did have virgin mojitos (well I did ) one Saturday and they were yummy.




I am still managing to exercise around 3 times a week at the moment, excluding any walking or packing for the house move. I’m enjoying my Body Pump weight class still and can still do a fair amount of cardio during circuits. I have been taught some adaptions for burpees and squat jumps and still feel I can keep up, without going too crazy. With all the food I’m eating, figure it is best to keep at it!


My Body

I definitely have a bigger bump at 16 weeks compared to last time. It has popped out an awful lot quicker which I don’t mind. I haven’t bought any maternity clothes yet but probably will need to. I can just about still get into any low rise jeans and leggings are easy. I did buy some maternity jeans from H and M and they are fabulous and comfy. I have started to gain some weight which is good and my new under wired bras still fit! Apart from the bum aches and pains, all is fine in the body department!

I THINK I have felt some baby movement this week. Like pressure and something touching the inside of my tummy. A few times I did think it could be wind but I’m sure it’s the little one. The movement was by fave my favourite part of pregnancy with the gremlin, whose foot I could grab a few times.


I am feeling really excited at the moment; I must be mad as I know the chaos and no sleep that is coming. I keep looking at newborn pictures of the gremlin and getting all gooey. We are going to find out what we are having this time and I’m dying to know and we definitely need to prepare the gremlin who is still convinced she is having a “baby sister”. The gremlin has started to get very loving with my bump and we have had some kisses and cuddles of it, which is so lovely. I do hope this continues. She herself is also very loving at the moment which I’m enjoying as she wasn’t half a stand offish baby!


So there you have it!

I will be back around 20 weeks and maybe have that important gender reveal. Will the world and his dog be right about me having a little boy this time? I’m dying to know.

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