The A to Z of My Pregnancy!

The A to Z of My Pregnancy!

I’ve tried not to bitch too much in this pregnancy. Some bits have been absolutely vile but overall, so far, I’ve been chugging along doing pretty well.

But there have been some quirks to my pregnancy, in fact so many I could go through the alphabet; and here we go!

A is for angry. At my daughter, at my hubby, at the annoying dude who DID NOT INDICATE!!!

B is for boobies. Full, sore, bursting out of my bras. I don’t care. I have a cleavage!

C is for colds. Got to love the suppressed immune system in the first trimester.

D is for Daddy. You need to help me a bit more and you have been. Love you.


E is for eating. THE WORLD. Everything and anything. My appetite has been insane.

F is for fear. OMG I have to give birth again. Day 5 hormones and the milk coming in…ARGH! I will have TWO!!!!

G is for the gremlin, who has been excited, loving and a little indifferent to my pregnancy at the same time.


H is for happy. I’m so excited to be having another little girly stinker.

I is for “I love you”. We are saying this an awful lot to our lovely first born at the moment.

J is for jumping. Had to stop this at the gym very early on.

K is for the kicks. They are all day and often at night but the best feeling ever.

L is for those long days. When I’m tired and fancy a nap or chilling on the bed with Netflix.

M is for midwife appointments. These are so lovely, as have been able to share with the gremlin, hear piglet’s heartbeat and check that everything is ok.

N is for nausea. Right up until 16 weeks. Yes, it stank.

O is for ow! Every time I sit for too long and get up. Not a nice feeling downstairs.

P is for my pelvic floor or lack of it. The nasty coughs were VERY interesting this time around. Oops.

Q is for quality time. What I am trying to spend with with gremlin before chaos ensues!

R is for rest. What’s that with a gremlin running around and an exercise-mad Mummy?

S is for scans. We have had 2 private ones this time around and 2 NHS. I have loved seeing our little piglet.


T is for tummy. It is round and tight and feels huge but I love it.

U is for uncomfy. The Braxton Hicks are ramping up now and I feel like I may explode!

W is for wees. Constantly. Three times a night. A dribble when I feel like I’m desperate!

V is for that poor thing that may have a baby coming out of it again (fingers crossed!)

X is for X-rated. Yep, that’s still going on *wink*

Y is for yawning. It seems to happen a lot at the moment.

Z is for zzzzzzzzzz. I’m getting lots of it at night and making the most of it.

It’s gorgeous, it’s messy, it’s teary and it’s angry!

What’s the A to Z of your pregnancy?