The A to Z of me

The A to Z of me

I love these chain blogger things, You get to have a good old think about yourself and learn a little more about other bloggers. So I was nominated by the fab Tayla at Motherhood The Real Deal to take part in this challenge and I really had to think! 

Here is the A-Z of me:

A is for Andrew. This is the name of my brother. I like to think we are pretty close and have been through quite a bit over the years together. 

Andrew, my cousin Kelsey and me

B is for blogging. I love it. Only started in January. It’s creative, therapeutic and everyone I have met online is so lovely.

C is for cat allergy. This is so annoying as I really would love a cat. Instead I’m a snuffling, itchy eyed wreck.

D is for Dad who passed away 2 years ago and I think about everyday and I know he’s about somewhere.

E is for energy. I usually have quite a lot of it when I’m not sleep deprived so can be quite bubbly and bouncy.

F is for flipping, my new favourite word since we had a baby and I can’t say F**K!

G is for gym; my second home. Anyone who reads any regular posts knows I am a fitness nut.

H is for home my favourite place to be. With my family and in my PJs (how sad I have become!)

I is for insects. I am quite petrified of the majority but I am having to get over this fear to pretend I like them so the gremlin isn’t scared. Hard stuff this parenting lark, especially when it’s a daddy-long legs and I could pass out I hate them that much!

J is for job. I love my job as a dietitian and I was lucky that I wasn’t too bothered about going back to work after maternity leave. It’s a fascinating area I work in and I learn all the time. Plus it’s food related!!

K is for Kiss radio. I have it on all the time; the repeat all the same songs. It drives hubby made but I love it.

L is for long hair. My hair has been so long since I was a child. I’ve only had it short a couple of times. It would just be too weird now so reckon it will stay for as long as it can.

M is for Mummy. I still can’t believe I am one. I don’t feel old enough, mature enough or responsible enough to look after a toddler. It’s insane how much I love the little gremlin.

N is for New Look. My favourite shop ever.

O is for obsessive. Once I find something I love I do get a bit obsessed. Blogging, the gym, scrapbooking, my iphone! I’m definitely one of those people who has to love what they do or I’m just not motivated.

P is for pole. I used to do pole exercise classes at my Uni. I can hang upside down and I think I can still climb the pole from bottom to top.

Q is for Queen. I used to love this band from when I was about 10 years old. My Dad bought me a huge T Shirt I was so proud of. Freddy Mercury was just awesome. I’m so sad he got HIV so many years ago as now he would probably be still alive due to all the medical advances. 

R is for relationship. I love my hubby and I had to fit him in this quiz as he moaned so much that he wasn’t C for Chris or H for husband. Can you see what I have to deal with?

S is for skinny. I have been called this all my life. One of the gym guys told me he had a tin of beans in the back of the car last week. I eat, I love food. I’m just slim. That’s it.

T is for temper. I have a fabulous one when I lose it. I am a Scorpio and very typical one too. Add in the ginger hair and you are stuffed. I am getting better at keeping it but a good blow up now and then is fab.

U is for Ultraviolet rays – I hate them as I have to coat myself in Factor 50 as soon as I see the sun. The only pro is they help with my psoriasis I have on my elbows.

V is for viruses. I am fascinated by them. The Ebola stuffed scared the crap out of me but I was totally in awe of it’s power and complexity. Nerd alert!


W is for waterbirth. I was so lucky to have one of these with my gremlin. Was so calm and relaxing and I hope I can do again next time.

X is for X-Ray? Well what else? I have a stupid sense of humour. 

Y is for yoghurt (Greek). We all eat shed-loads of the stuff. Add some blueberries and it’s heaven.

Z is for zero-make-up. This is happening more and more!

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