My Week at a Glance #12

My Week at a Glance #12

I guess only one word can sum up this week and that is HOT! I love this weather. I may be a complete sweaty betty (not in the least bit ladylike) and have to shower twice a day but I don’t care. It is summer!!!


The weekend started on the final day of my low protein diet! I was at my Mum’s after a gym session. We took the gremlin to the park and chilled out. I decided I was so hungry that evening I had a veggie curry for tea with my allocated rice for protein. What I didn’t say on my summary was I did slightly cave and eat some poppadoms!! Oops.

We were back home on Sunday and gremlin enjoyed some garden time. Translation: she played with all the pots and emptied soil on the patio. Ahem. We had some old friends over for tea which was great apart from the gremlin really playing up at bedtime. The picture of her asleep in our bed is pretty standard all week.

It has just been so gorgeous so hubby got the BBQ going and after a week of low protein, salmon, chicken and chilli burgers were complete heaven. Wednesday was the hottest day and I gymed in the morning as knew I would spend most of my pole class sliding down the pole, so didn’t go. Best day of the year was car D Day and it failed it’s flipping MOT due to a light flickering. It hopefully won’t be too much to sort but I was quoted something ridiculous for some future recommendations. I got a rollocking as we left as hubby told me I was rude when I quite loudly stated there was NO WAY I would be paying that. Double oops!

The rest of Wednesday was spent in the garden, gluing and sticking with the gremlin and her pretending to drive me around. She was like a beetroot in the sweltering car. As you can see her room hit 32 degrees!

I was at work as usual Thursday and Friday and look so impressed in this heat eh?

See you next time my lovelies. x