What’s Right for You – All the Beautiful Things!

What’s Right for You – All the Beautiful Things!

It’s the turn of my lovely linky co-host Helen at All the Beautiful Things to take part in my What’s Right for You Feature. Here are her answers:

A bit about the Blog and the Family

I started my blog a couple of years ago in 2013 while I was on my maternity leave, one of the other Mummies on a Facebook group that I joined wrote a blog and I loved reading her posts and following her journey into Mummyhood, it really inspired me and thought I’d give it a go! Haven’t looked back since.
I live with Adi my husband of 5 years, my gorgeous little man Alfie who is 3 in May and our new addition to the family, my little girly Elarna, we also share our house with 2 nutty cats Winston and Louie.
The Questions
Did you drink any alcohol before and during your pregnancy?
I drank a moderate amount before I fell pregnant, generally on a Friday and Saturday night, never enough to give me a hangover the next day, with a toddler it’s just not worth it and believe me I’ve learnt the hard way! With my first pregnancy I didn’t drink any alcohol until I was 20 weeks and I had a small tipple at Christmas time, I then only had a small amount on special occasions. This pregnancy I confess I have drank slightly more, I really missed my glass of wine or prosecco and at times craved it! I allowed myself the odd glass in moderation and it was only at the weekend, it’s personal choice at the end of the day and in moderation I felt it was ok.
Did you find out the gender of your baby?
I found out with both pregnancies, I am far too impatient to wait and I love the fact that modern technology can tell us these things! Second time was more to do with practicality as I had so much boy stuff that if I was lucky enough to be expecting a girl (which I was) I knew I’d need to buy a whole load more new stuff.
Did you have a 4D scan?
With Alfie we didn’t because we’d paid for a gender scan and at the time I was a Student so finance’s couldn’t stretch to a 4D but with this pregnancy I did and sadly felt that it wasn’t worth the money, Elarna was in a rubbish position with her hands over her face and she wouldn’t budge so we didn’t get any great pictures. If and that’s a big if we were to have another I probably wouldn’t pay for a 4D scan again.
Did you exercise during pregnancy?
My first pregnancy I stopped going to the gym but continued to swim and I walked for miles on my maternity leave. This pregnancy I felt so knackered that when I got home from work I just collapsed on the sofa, I then started to suffer with a lot of pelvic pain and couldn’t walk much further than 30 minutes as I was in so much discomfort! This made things a little tricky when I was looking after Alfie alone and he had me running after him gritting my teeth in pain!
During labour – pain relief?
With Alfie I had my TENS machine on in the beginning, then just gas and air and a shot of Pethidine which I hated, I wanted something stronger but was too far dilated to have anything so just had to grin and bear it. With this labour I used my TENS again which I can’t recommend highly enough, I then used gas and air and opted for an epidural which I’m so pleased I did as I felt less anxious and much more in control.
Out through the twinkle (please insert your own word here) or the sun-roof?
Out through the vajayjay both times, my poor nether regions suffered both times, birth is not an easy thing to go through for sure!
Breast or bottle feeding?
I battled with breast feeding with Alfie, cracked nipples, engorged boobs and struggling to latch him did not make for a fun 8 weeks, I then decided to pack it in and change him to formula. With Elarna I fed successfully in the hospital but then when we got home trying to feed her turned into a mission and I started to struggle with latching her again and decided for my well being to bottle feed her and I’m happy with that.
Co-sleeping or solo sleeping?
I have never co-slept, the whole notion just scares me I’d be petrified of them suffocating or being squashed, I’m a big believer in getting them to sleep in their own beds and getting used to self settling in them.
Did you use a sling?
With Alfie we used a Baby Bjorn carrier which was great, it was so handy when we went on holiday and didn’t want to take the pram with us, we sold that to Sarah (the host of this!). This time I am looking for something a little less rigid, I’ve never been into the whole baby wearing thing but I think with a toddler having something like a sling will be handy.
When did your baby move to their own room?
Alfie we moved into his own room at around 8 – 10 weeks (tut tut naughty us), we transitioned him over a period of a couple of weeks and was the best thing we did, he started sleeping through and so did we, he was such a noisy sleeper when he was in with us! I plan to move Elarna when she is a similar age but I’ll see how it goes, she might be different to Alfie and need to stay in our room for a little longer, I’m not going to stress about it, I’ll just see what happens.
Dummy or no dummy?
We lasted 10 days without a dummy for Alfie, his constant cluster and comfort feeding was just relentless and I had to try something so I could put him down for a few minutes. He now only has a dummy at night but I’m aware that we are going to need to stop that soon, another Mummy challenge to overcome! I have tried Elarna with a dummy but she’s not overly interested so I will continue to see how it goes, she’s generally quite a content little thing.
Baby-led weaning or the purees?
I did a bit of both, I loved making my own purees there was something very satisfactory about preparing them fresh and experimenting with different flavours, I found it quite therapeutic! I plan to do the same this time too.
Pink and blue or gender neutral?
Alfie was dressed in all sorts of colours, I loved him in bright colours and fun shirts 🙂 it’s still much the same now. Elarna is very much dressed in pink, it is after all my favourite colour so the more pink the better! Athough I have got some gorgeous babygro’s from Next that are from their gardening range which are a mixture of pink, mint and bright coloured.
Are you a SAHM or back to work?
I’m a back to work Mum I enjoy my career as a Nurse very much and worked hard for my qualification plus I don’t want to become de-skilled, I went back full time with Alfie and it was too much, so when I return early next year I hope to go back on reduced hours so I can actually spend time with my children instead of being constantly thinking about work.
Have you lost the Mum-tum?
Well I’m only 14 days since having baby number 2 so the mum tum is still a tad jelly like! I have however lost quite a lot of weight in the past couple of weeks bizarrely! I’m trying to decide how to keep the weight off though that’s the next challenge.
When did you first leave your baby overnight if at all?
I can’t really remember with Alfie, we did leave him for 5 nights when we went to New York for my 30th, he was a year and half and I felt comfortable leaving him at that age, he had a whale of a time at his Grandparents although we missed him terribly. I’m not too sure when we’ll be leaving Elarna, potentially in July.
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