What’s Right for YOU!

What’s Right for YOU!

I love a bit of controversy; a bit of healthy debate. It’s needed and it keeps us on our toes. However, I do get a bit sick of all the advice, opinions and crap information about what is right about bringing up children. This starts before you are even flipping pregnant! No one has the right to make you feel rubbish for a parenting choice and everyone should feel confident being able to talk about it and feel happy. 

So I decided to start up this feature. I want to know what was right for you. From getting pregnant to what clothes you dressed your little bundle in. I want the low down and I don’t care how controversial it is; it’s what was right for you and your little darling(s).

So here are the questions and my answers below. My contact details are at the bottom if you would like to be featured. This is for both Mums and Dads to take part in of course! Dads can chat about their partners and also give their very important opinions.

What’s Right for YOU!

Did you drink any alcohol before and during your pregnancy?

I actually had my worst week in about a year for drinking the week before I found out I was pregnant. I went to Dubai with work and was taken out. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative when I returned so I went out for a couple and had my Christmas do but the test was positive on Christmas Eve. Luckily when I said a couple, I meant it. There was no binge drinking! During my pregnancy I did have a few small glasses of wine but only 1-2 units at a time and no more than 1 time in the week.

Did you find out the gender of your baby?

No we wanted a surprise but it drove me insane not knowing. Hubby even more so as I didn’t shut up. I knew she was a girl though and was right! I think next time we may find out.

Did you have a 4D scan?

No and loads of people I know have done. One reason was I didn’t want to find out the gender. Also they are a bit scary and I didn’t want to see my baby’s face before they were born.

Did you exercise during pregnancy?

I exercised right up until 2 days before I gave birth, I mainly did weights, some light cardio and swam. I have always exercised and wasn’t going to give up because I was expecting. The evidence is to continue if you always have done. I listened to my body so was always fine. I loved how much my gremlin kicked when I did. My Mum hated me doing it but during labour went on about how it made me strong! Makes me smile now.

Exercising with bump on hols!

During labour – pain relief?

I was very lucky with my labour as managed to stay at home for ages. I think I was so paranoid of going in at 3cm  and being sent away, I tried to grin and bear it for as long as possible. Having my Mum with me relaxed me too. Will be posting my birth story at some point. I had paracetamol, 2 baths, the birthing pool and gas and air. I always wanted a natural birth if possible. I was a bit scared of having an epidural but was open to seeing how the labour went.

Out through the twinkle (please insert your own word here) or the sun-roof?

I had a normal birth via the twinkle :-).

Breast or bottle feeding?

I breast fed for 10 months. Initially my gremlin would take a bottle of expressed milk but she stopped after a while (darn it!). She got back into it around 9 months and we weaned her off me. I always wanted to breast feed and luckily it worked out but it was flipping hard work at first.

The bottle feeding lasted 5 minutes!

Co-sleeping or solo sleeping?

I’m not a co-sleeper at all. We had a special mattress when the gremlin was younger. A couple of times we put it between us and she slept there but she was mainly in her Moses basket or cot. This is definitely each to their own though! I didn’t co-sleep as I was worried about safety and I did not want a rod for my own back when she was older trying to get her into a cot. The bed is for me and my husband (obviously illness and morning cuddles are different) and we both agreed on that way before she was born.

Did you use a sling?

Nope! I may do second time around though. I think I’m just not into attachment parenting. I could put her down for a bit and do a few jobs and she was happy so it was fine.

When did your baby move to their own room?

This was quite early – around 8 weeks. When I look at pictures of her, she was tiny. However, she was self-settling and she slept so much better alone. We weren’t waking her up anymore and we felt more comfortable having the bedroom back to ourselves.

Dummy or no dummy?

Now we did try this but the gremlin was just not interested. She just spat it out all the time so we didn’t bother in the end.

Baby-led weaning or the purees?

Now as a dietitian I think it was thought I would do baby-led weaning. However, I didn’t. It was so messy and the gremlin would eat literally nothing. She did have lots of finger foods but mainly she had purees. She ate them all and I knew what she was eating!

Loves Greek yoghurt

Pink and blue or gender neutral?

I’m not a girly girl and don’t dress my gremlin in pink that often. She lives in leggings and jeans like me. However, when she gets older I’m happy to let her choose within reason.

Not a pink girl!!

Are you a SAHM or back to work?

I went back to work 3 days and I always knew I would. I love my 2 days with the gremlin but wanted to keep my identity as a dietitian, progress with my career and bring in some bacon! I think I would go a tad insane being at home all the time. Plus I think the social side of nursery is fab for the gremlin and she really enjoys going.

Have you lost the Mum-tum?

I have but I should know what I should be eating (!) and I do a lot of exercise. I was good and did as I was told post-pregnancy. I waited 8 weeks before my first gym sesh. I breast-fed and did a lot of walking as got us out and about. This helped. The last bit of tummy went when I went back to resistance training at the gym (a reason why all ladies should do weights – awesome fat burner).

When did you first leave your baby overnight if at all?

This had to be when the gremlin stopped breast feeding so I think was for a weekend when hubby and I wanted to get a lot of house jobs done. We left her with my Mum and she was fine. I think she was around 11-12 months old. We had had nights out though a lot earlier on.

If you would like to take part in this feature and have your say in what was right for you or your partner, please get in touch! I am hoping to run it every Thursday.





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