Matchstick Monkey Teether **REVIEW**

Matchstick Monkey Teether **REVIEW**

When we were sent a teething aid from Matchstick Monkey before Christmas I wasn’t sure if little Piglet at 3 months old, would use it this early but how wrong were we.

My gremlin hardly ever bothered when she was teething. We knew she had a tooth coming as she stopped eating her meals and only wanted cereal and yoghurt. She didn’t really cry and wasn’t a baby who really put everything in her mouth.

Her baby sister however is the total opposite. She found her hands at around 2 months old and now loves to put anything we give her in her mouth. She adores this little taggy blanket she has and we have already started wondering, at almost 4 months old, if she is teething.

Matchstick Monkey was designed by a Mum who really struggled to apply gels, oils or granules to her teething daughter, as always got bitten! Her little girl loved Monkeys and so a small, safe silicone teething monkey was born! The silicone is food grade and safe and the monkeys are BPA free and non-toxic.

You can also put them in the dishwasher and freezer! What I also really like is you can apply teething granules or gels to the back of the monkey’s head where there are little ridges. This makes life so much easier for both you and your little one.

What did my little Piglet think?

She absolutely adores the little thing. Her eyes actually light up when she sees the little blue monkey we were sent. She is able to grab a bit now and the thin handles make this really easy for her. We think she may be teething a little or just enjoying biting; we have dribble and everything is getting gummed.

She loves to chew on the head and it keeps her really busy if she is sat in her bouncer for a little while. We haven’t need to apply any granules or gel yet but I’m thinking this will be so useful if she starts to struggle a bit with any pain.

Hubby started actually rubbing the head on her gums and she loved it!

Here are some pictures of her loving her little blue Matchstick Monkey.

It is honestly an innovative and brilliant teething product. If you have a teething little one, definitely a baby product to invest in.

Disclosure – we were sent this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are our own.