The Easiness is Slowly Going….

You know when you have your first baby, you pretty much crap yourself. Life has completely changed. No one can prepare you for it and you are constantly learning. Even if you have a dream baby, it’s still HARD.

Then you have number 2. It’s a new challenge but you are used to being a parent. You are used to less sleep, sacrificing your holidays and social life for this tiny creature you have created. This little one slots in. The newborn is a doddle and the older one just does your head in.

But even this second newborn isn’t going to stay a newborn for ever. They too are going to start to get slightly more challenging as the weeks go on.

We are starting to hit that transition slowly with Piglet.

She was recently 4 months old. We can see weaning coming around the corner. She is starting to get fed up perched in the bouncer whilst I try and do a few jobs. She has never been a bit napper, so the 30 minutes a quick peace are really starting to feel far and between.

This little one loves to stand and sit up, surrounded by company, a familiar face or just some fun toys. This is starting to mean Mummy is getting less time to chill and watch some Netflix, blog or clean my house on my gremlin free days!

I’m loving the changes in her. She is so confident on her legs. Her grabbing and biting is getting much more polished but she wants more from me, from the world around her. Sitting and snuggling for hours at at time are just not going to cut it anymore.

My newborn is definitely not a newborn anymore. She’s a smiley, sturdy, nosey little creature who wants a bit more stimulation. I’ve loved my lazy, snuggly days with her but as she grows up, it may be time for more playing and some introduction to some other little babies.

When the hell am I going to watch Grey’s?


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