Siblings Project February

Another month and another chunk of time I have been a Mummy to two beautiful girls who are really starting to develop a lovely relationship. I love keeping a record with the siblings linky each month.

There has been some real lovely interaction between my girls over the last 4 weeks. The gremlin has been making her sister laugh a lot and little Piglet cannot take her eyes off her big sister. I find this quite useful as can ask the gremlin to come up and entertain her sister whilst I am having a shower/sorting lunch/sorting ANYTHING. This is ok up to a point but the gremlin has decided she likes to roll her sister onto her, which Piglet is not always best pleased about! And there is also that risk of her rolling off the bed. They have good fun when little Piglet is in the Jumparoo, as long as the gremlin doesn’t try and bounce on it too!

I have had to take Piglet with me a couple of times to pick up the gremlin from nursery and she has pretty much ignored me as I arrive, making a beeline straight for her her baby sister. She is so proud of her.

The gremlin is still as rough as ever and the most annoying thing we are dealing with at the moment is her shouting in her sister’s ear. The poor little thing jumps a mile. I think this is something that will never change. The gremlin is just too excited and just loves her sister that bit too much!!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the month and see you in March.

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