Sleep Regression?

Sleep Regression?

This week my word has to be regression or should it be worry?

“I broke my baby.”

“My baby won’t sleep.”

“My baby is waking up every hour.”

These are some of the desperate posts I read in some of my Facebook groups. Mums who had good sleeping babies; little ones who were doing good stretches between feeds and have suddenly stopped doing this. They want answers. They want help and suggestions. Why is this happening?? They were used to getting this sleep and it has gone and that is so flipping hard. Throw in a boisterous toddler, who wakes at 6am and there are some very tired Mummies (and Daddies) out there.

What am I talking about? What is causing this change supposedly?

The 4 month sleep regression. The DREADED 4 month sleep regression.

Piglet is 16 weeks now and officially 4 months old next week. Apart from when my little one had bronchiolitis, I have a very good sleeper. She sleeps through and I mean sleeps through for a good 8-9 hours. I don’t currently get woken in the night to feed. I may get a 5am feed and more dozing. I may have a girl who doesn’t always sleep at the same time each night, meaning as a breast feeder, I can’t go out at night. I may have a girl who only naps for 30 minutes at a time during the day. I don’t care. I can sleep at night!!

The gremlin never had this regression. She always woke for a feed in the early hours but her sleeping was fine until she hit 18 months and decided she didn’t want to sleep in her cot. That was a fun time and involved a bed and Daddy lying on the floor next to her for a long while!!

So will Piglet regress? Will we re visit those first few weeks again; the regular wakes, the co-sleeping and the general exhaustion?

Only time will tell really. I know they say siblings are like chalk and cheese but I’m hoping my two girlies stay very alike in the sleeping stakes!

Will keep you posted.

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