My Happy Week #33

My Happy Week #33

So the baby bubble kind of burst this week as hubby went back to work. I’d kind of been looking forward to a new kind of reality as wondered how it would be with the two of them.

It’s gone quite well! I actually only had 1 day as hubby went back to work on the Tuesday and my Mum came over and we chilled most of the day. On my first solo day we hit the library and went to a friend’s for lunch. I have soon realised getting out and about is the key to staying sane and getting dressed early works!!

What has made us happy this week?

  • Having a couple of days out; one at National Trust and another at Coombe Abbey. We had an explore and walk around and it is good to get out in the cooler weather.
  • Feeling really confident with breastfeeding Piglet in public. I have managed to get her to latch on and walk around Tesco and a National Trust Property whilst feeding!
  • Chatting to another Mum when out on Monday and as she lives so close, exchanging numbers and will hopefully meet up! Always good to make another friend.
  • Buying some clothes!! I did accidentally buy the wrong size jeans though so have to take them back. H and M is fab this year.
  • Spending some one on one time with the gremlin whilst Piglet sleeps. We did some reading in the library and played at the park.
  • Hubby bought me a Pandora locket as a present post Piglet. Just realised I have no picture on here but it is lovely and I wanted one the moment I saw them!
  • Having some cuddles with Piglet at the end of the week. She has a cough and was quite clingy so some gremlin at nursery time helped.

I hope you all have a fab weekend and see you next week lovelies!

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