Lazy Breastfeeding

I know breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. I’m not starting a debate as ultimately for me happy babies and happy mummys is the key to everything when you have a newborn. However, for me breastfeeding has worked out both times and I’m happy with this – easier, saves us time and money and I’m glad my girls have managed it.


For some breastfeeding can be seen as a LOT of time and effort for the Mother and yes I do agree with this. Time sat chained to a newborn (and older) is relentless. You do the night feeds. Cluster feeding is a total bitch and it can be really tricky when you already have a child who wants you to play 24/7.


BUT for the lazy girl (lazy girl in me perhaps) breastfeeding can be brilliant and a chance to enhance that lazy girl in you, especially if you have a child already!

I’m very lucky that I have a great hubby who has realised he has to do more if we want breastfeeding to work. I have reaped in some very lovely benefits of this.

Picture this. You are breastfeeding and following scenarios crop up.

  • “Mummy! I’ve done a poo!” screams my first born. Errr sorry darling, I’m feeding but your Daddy is around and will come and wipe your bum. (Obviously when Daddy is working Mummy will have to do this!!)
  • Bad night and I have been feeding a lot. Gremlin appear at 6am. Daddy gets up with the gremlin and Mummy gets a lie in. Total heaven.
  • Daddy has cooked tea as normal. Piglet needs a feed (again) post this delicious meal. Daddy loads dishwasher, which is usually a Mummy job. Bonus!
  • I’m a bit thirsty and I’m feeding. “Darling, can you get me some water please?” Waiter service? I don’t mind if I do.
  • Second born does a phenomenal wet trump and poop post feeding. Daddy changes nappy. Well, he feels he should as I’m always feeding!! Result.
  • Gremlin screams in the night “Daddy!!!!”. Well she did call for Daddy and I’m up 2-3 times with feeding so not for this as well eh??
  • Ironing board up (yes you read that right) and I’m half way through the gremlin’s clothes when a feed is requested. Daddy kindly finishes the small pile. Well he may as well. The board is up!!

I’m a lucky girl and the team work that really does go on (I cleaned 3 loos the morning of writing this!) has helped me succeed with breastfeeding both times. But now and then I do bask in the lovely jobs I manage to get out of because it’s time for a feed.