Piglet’s Birth Story

I wanted to write this whilst it was fresh in my mind. Piglet is now two days old and fast asleep in the Moses basket as we speak! By the time this is posted though she will be almost a week old.


I still can’t really believe she is here and that she came so quickly, as soon as she was ready.

Here is our story.

Most of you who had been following the blog or Instagram knew I was getting a little uncomfy towards the end of the pregnancy. Probably from 37.5 weeks the Braxton Hicks and pressure were really intense and I knew Piglet’s head was very low. On the Monday I visited the midwife and had my induction booked, if I was late. I also had a sweep planned for the Sunday. My Mum left that evening after being with us all day. I had even gone back to the gym that day and squatted like a nut to help her head bounce on my cervix a little more but nothing.

Everyone had said labour would start when I least expected it and they were right.

I had been relegated into the spare room on Monday night as kept snoring (come on, I was a bit snotty and pregnant!!). The gremlin woke around 4am and called for Daddy (she always does at night; it is fab!) and I got up and gave her a kiss too but had a vague feeling that I had been in a bit of pain before moving. I got back in bed and felt quite a painful tightening. Deciding to lie and wait a while; about 10 minutes passed before another pain came along. I still wasn’t sure it was labour and didn’t want to wake hubby unless I was completely sure! Two more contractions (I’m calling them those now) came and I decided to wake hubby. At this point it was just before 5am. He had unfortunately had one of the worst night’s sleep in ages due to his cold and tried to doze for a while. I ended up chatting the my blogging bud over at Poop Rainbows, as they are an hour ahead in Spain and waited a while longer to call my Mum, just before 6am. I called the birth unit, which is 5 minutes away, midwife-led and really chilled out. They told me to stay put but just be mindful that second babies come quicker!

With my Mum and step-Dad on their way, hubby went and sent a few work emails and the gremlin came in to say good morning. She chilled on hubby’s phone whilst I rested in bed for a while longer. I jumped in the bath, whilst hubby got ready for the imminent hospital trip and the gremlin had breakfast with Nanny.

I knew I needed to eat so got dry after a while. The pain was much more intense as I pottered around and I knew things were moving faster. I got dressed, needed the loo twice and lost quite a lot of my plug each time. I managed to get dressed and come downstairs. Aware, that I wasn’t even timing contractions, I started doing this. I was really surprised that they were less than 5 minutes apart now but short at 45 seconds on average. I could still cope but they were getting worse. I ate an egg and toast and had a couple of cuppas before settling in the lounge with my TENS machine on. This must have been around 8.30-9am as Jeremy Kyle wasn’t on yet!! The birth unit said keep at home a little longer if I could, as I called them again.


Timing contractions and still managing to message!


The TENS machine really helped with the pain. The gremlin was keeping busy with Grandad but she was pretty giddy when she came running in and out of the lounge. Jeremy Kyle came on and Nanny took over getting the gremlin dressed and playing. I tried to focus on Jeremy but the pain was getting baaaad! I was feeling more bum pressure and we all decided time to go in. By this time it must have been 10.15am.

Hubby did take some pics. I realised they would be my final bump shots. The first, yes, is between contractions.



The gremlin wasn’t fussed about us leaving and was happy to stay with Grandad. It felt very weird and emotional saying goodbye to her but I knew I had to focus on getting to the car with hubby and Mum. We don’t think it registered I was going to hospital to have her sister. I was very shivery and teeth chattering in the car so I really knew things were ramping up, as the adrenaline must have been kicking in.

It did literally take us 5 minutes to get to the birth unit. I was ushered in to the same room to where I had the gremlin, which was surreal. The rooms are lovely with beds, a massive pool, birth balls and a general relaxing atmosphere. Hubby had to then run home and back as we forgot my blue notes!! The pool was already filling as we came in.

I continued using the TENS machine as I was examined; bump size, wee, blood pressure and most importantly my dilation which was 8cm! My Mum cried again as we were so happy Piglet was almost on her way.


The pain was getting really intense now. I knew I had to take the TENS off to get in pool and was not looking forward to that. The reality that I had to go through child birth again was also really kicking in too!!! I managed to get in after putting on one of my Rhodes holiday bikini tops on and the warmth was lovely. A puff of gas and air also was pretty nice. I love the giggling that comes with it despite the situation you are in!

I knew it wasn’t long before I needed to start pushing and I was dreading it!! Not happy on some of these between contraction pictures.



I am AMAZED how you forget the intensity of both the pressure and pain when you are pushing your baby out!! Luckily second time around it was sooo much quicker. I couldn’t puff on the gas and air so squeezed the crap out of hubby’s hand. My water’s bulged out with the first push and a couple later came her head! Owie but I was so relieved it was so fast. There was a bit of time before the rest of her popped out as my contractions seemed to stop for a few minutes!! We were all a bit worried but one finally came and I caught her and brought her to my chest.

It was sooo different to the gremlin where I just felt overwhelmed and almost numb! The rush of love and joy was immediate and whereas I was a bit emotionless with the gremlin, I cried lots. I guess this is something that can happen second time around when you are more mentally prepared.

Some pictures are a bit blurred. I think hubby was shaking but you get the gyst!




I sat and cuddled her for a while and hubby cut the cord. I then got out of the pool to deliver the placenta. That injection to speed it along was lovely (not) in my thigh. Hubby and Mum had a bit of a biology lesson on my placenta after it was out. I was examined and thank goodness no stitches needed. I had more cuddles with Piglet and I wanted to try and feed her soon. I could not believe what a Pro she was. With the gremlin I needed help with her latching on and she had about 5-10 mins on the boob. Piglet latched in about 10 seconds and had a total of 1 HOUR feeding on both sides.


Poor hubby and Mum didn’t get a look in. I was actually pretty uncomfy, as the cramps were really intense as I fed her, I was hot and feeling a tad pukey. I managed some toast, tea and biscuits. Little one had her Vitamin K injection and after she finally finished feeding, hubby and Mum could finally get some cuddles.

dscf1580 dscf1582 dscf1585

Piglet had pooped all over me and the towel, as she had pigged for so long. It was getting ready for us to move to the postnatal room. I had a bath, put my nightie on and we all moved. My Mum then left and hubby decided to go off to get some food for me. I had the best Joe and The Juice – a smoothie and a spicy tuna. It was like the best thing I had ever tasted, as I was starving.

After food, we wanted to get the gremlin over the meet her sister. I was so emotional before she came in and wasn’t sure what to expect. She was adorable though. Gave her sister her little duck present, wanted to touch her and we got some lovely snaps. She was a little giddy and I was slightly worried she would sit on her sister a few times (!) but that was to be expected. You can see some of the moments from below.


dscf1596 dscf1597 dscf1603 dscf1609

I then wanted to go home! Just had to wait for someone to check Piglet over and all my paperwork. I was going to need another Anti D jab as Piglet has hubby’s blood group but I could come back the next day. We finally got back home around 9pm.

I was amazed how fast labour was second time around. From the initial twinges and losing my plug we were looking at over 36 hours with the gremlin. From the 4am contractions starting to Piglet being born at 11.29am; we had 7.5 hours with her. The intensity and pain was worse but the pushing was awesomely fast.


I had exactly what I had hoped for in my second birth and am so grateful to Mum and hubby for being there and the fab midwives at the Netherbrook Birth Unit at Solihull Hospital.

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