The Top Things I Had Forgotten about Pregnancy 1st Time Around

The Top Things I Had Forgotten about Pregnancy 1st Time Around

I am getting towards the end of my second pregnancy and probably like most Mamas, am starting to reflect on the pregnancy as a whole.

Biggest thing I have thought? How bloody clever the human body is at making you forget certain aspects of your first pregnancy so you go and have another one! I’m not even at the labour stage to make a comment either! I think some of these things also come into the category “what they don’t tell you about pregnancy”!

Don’t get me wrong I love being pregnant. I love the way I look, the baby movements, the excitement and just the glow. It is an awesome time and I am lucky not to suffer much.


However, there are just some little niggles that I won’t miss!

I’m sure many of you second and onwards-time Mums can relate?

  • The initial nausea of the first 12-16 weeks. I knew I had it the first time. I remember I ate a LOT but I can’t remember how genuinely sick I felt for those 3 months, combined with that vile taste in your mouth.
  • I can’t see to shave. I like a neat lady garden (not that it stays that neat with all that baby pressure!) and I can’t see it?! When I went into labour with the gremlin I had completely missed a patch. The midwife must have thought I was nuts.
  • I have no abs and therefore I cannot just sit up. I had a scan this week and kind of had to sideways roll to get off the bed. Again the midwife must have thought I was nuts.
  • Getting up 4 times a night to wee is perfectly normal. I’d just forgotten how annoying it is.
  • I do tend to just get on with the niggles but I had forgotten how intense baby movements are, how tight Braxton Hicks can be, the sharp pain that comes in your lower back or bladder when the baby moves and how hard it is to eat when your stomach is like a boulder.
  • How restless I am! At night my legs feel uncomfy sometimes and I have had to resort to the spare room or would have wiggled all night.
  • The rage. It hasn’t actually happened that many times this pregnancy but the rage that builds up from no-where, usually directed at my husband, is insane.
  • The complete inability to pick things off the floor without doing a perfect squat. This is harder this time with a gremlin that leaves stuff everywhere.
  • I have no clothes. I rotate the same few outfits. I stare longingly into New Look, River Island, Top Shop and drool at the things I can’t buy. I love being preggers but I miss my skinnies.
  • Being hot. I have been pregnant in the summer both times and I do get hot and sweaty. I haven’t slept under a duvet for weeks and I shower in the morning and bath with the gremlin at night. Sweaty betty.
  • My boobs touch my stomach and kind of rub. Enough said.
  • An itchy bump. My stomach just itches and it is hard to go to town scratching as the baby has a mental wiggle fit.

Sometimes you do not know what to expect when you get pregnant or you conveniently forget for the next time. I think something are seriously not spoken about! There were other bits I could write about but maybe a little TMI for some!

I think the human body is very clever at making you forget and looking back at it all with rose-tinted glasses.

It is a magical time but there are some bits I will probably forget again in a hurry!!

Anymore for my list?