When You Mistake Labour for Needing the Loo!!

So I wasn’t going to do anymore pregnancy updates unless I hit the 40 week mark. However, sometimes the silly things we think as expectant Mums make a blog post post worthwhile.

I have had some bump developments since the last 36 week bump update. The midwife visited at almost 37 weeks and said my bump size had dropped a centile. Cue another scan. I wasn’t bothered at all; this exact same thing happened with the gremlin and all was fine. Plus I haven’t had a scan since 20 weeks so would be nice. I had to go alone as hubby working but all was fine. Firstly baby was head down and not breech. Thank goodness! In fact the midwife scanning me said there was no way she could look at the baby’s face without a lot of pain for me as she was so low down. Secondly baby is most definitely a girl! I got the best view ever; no mistaking that bum shot for anything else. Massive relief, as we have a pink room and a tonne of the gremlin’s clothes ready. Finally, she is growing fine and on the 50th centile. Phew!

I’m booked into my midwife-led unit and am going with the flow from now on.

Anyways!! Anybody who follows my Instagram may have known hubby and I had a fabulous night away at Coombe Abbey for our 4 year wedding anniversary. We had a night in a 4 poster bed, dinner and breakfast included. We really needed the time together and it was lovely to relax and not worry about entertaining the gremlin. Nanny and Grandad could do that!! We didn’t take many pictures as I wasn’t going to blog about it as such and we were trying to enjoy the moment (so no phones at dinner!)

However, here are a few and not the best but you can get an idea of how lovely Coombe is.


img_8143 img_8171 img_8139 img_8138

It was heaven. Lazing around, eating olives in bed and enjoying some time together.

What I didn’t expect was to be lying in bed late afternoon, watching Netflix and starting to get tightenings. I was a bit worried immediately as the Braxton Hicks tend to be the worst when standing, walking or exercising. The pains were coming every 10 minutes or so and my tummy was going like a rock. I had mine and baby’s bag packed in the car but we had a 20-30 minute drive back to Solihull if needs be. When I casually mentioned to hubby I wasn’t sure if things were starting, he looked like he was going to shit himself, “but I’m not ready!” No darling, nor am I really!!!

I had the sudden urge to run to the loo and “go” which made me worry more but we decided to get ready for dinner and see what happened. I was still getting the tightenings, as I topped up my make-up and I wasn’t relaxed at all.


We headed down to dinner and ordered some bread to start. I was really uncomfy!! Back hurt and my belly was so hard. I tried to relax but couldn’t and was genuinely worrying. Hubby drank a Stella and started thinking he shouldn’t have done, in case he needed to drive!! Luckily my family were not too far away in case. Suddenly I needed the loo again. I ran off and decided to sit there for a while (hubby thought I’d be pushing in the toilet or something stupid like that!!!) I wasn’t gone that long but afterwards felt much better!

It all just seemed to stop; the pains seem to have subsided! Part of me was slightly disappointed but I was also massively relieved. My house is 5 minutes from the hospital and I wanted to be close when the time came. I wanted our night in a 4 poster bed and a bit more time to myself on maternity leave first. I’m guessing even second time Mums confuse Braxton Hicks due to needing the loo with mild contractions!

I still have another 2 weeks to go yet. I was early with the gremlin and everyone seems convinced this little Piglet is coming early too. Let’s just see and I hope I can distinguish my bowels from my baby when the time comes!