The First Trimester

The First Trimester

Wow I can actually talk about it! Being pregnant. How it all has been. It’s a fab feeling because ultimately….honestly… the first trimester has been shite.

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It’s a tricky one moaning in pregnancy, as I am so unbelievably grateful for the little life growing inside of me as I speak but it’s not been easy.

pregnant bump


I’m not blessed as one of the lucky ones who have no symptoms at all during the first trimester. Week 6 kicked in and so did horrible nausea, a vile taste and sensation in my throat, tiredness and an insatiable hunger. All symptoms identical to the gremlin but my very clever body (got to love evolution) had kindly made me forget about it all. I was cranky, couldn’t even stand the smells and closeness of my hubby and my gremlin.

Hubby went out a couple of times and left us together. He came back to the pair of us crying, as she had been difficult and I had been unable to cope, snapped at her as the waves as nausea were just awful. I was sent to bed and a very sorry gremlin came up for cuddles not long after.

My surpressed immune system, a very clever aspect of pregnancy, which is trying hard not to reject the little gremlin part 2, has ensured I have picked up everything my gremlin  has brought home from nursery! I have coped and had only one day off work. Luckily, hubby and family have been very supportive and I have rested and tried not to exercise.

In terms of aversions and things that have made me gag. My fave perfumes have been a killer to spray on and hubby using the griddle pan with oil means I have to leave the kitchen.


One of those mornings dragging myself into work

I know everyone says being pregnant with one already is harder and that is true but sometimes just surviving a full day at work with the commute has been a challenge. My lovely work colleague has put up with a lot of moaning, sighing and eating! It is harder with the gremlin, as coming home from a long day I just want to chill but I need to have my tea, bath with the gremlin and help with bedtime. It didn’t help that she went through a phase of only wanting Mummy at bedtime so stories battling through nausea was fun. She fell asleep in our bed so many times as I couldn’t be arsed to move her. Deep down I think she has know something is up and she is aware of the “baby in my tummy”. It is easier to explain Mummy has been feeling sick due to that as well.

Food and cravings

So let’s move onto the food. Initially I went off tea, almonds, very sweet stuff and my lovely oat crackers but as the nausea improved, these have come back. I have not eaten so much in a long time. Everything. More carbs, tonnes of Indian and spicy food. Pizza. You name it. Hearty food? I wanted it and without the fear of getting lynched, I have gained very little weight. The body must know what it needs. This will be another post



I have managed to keep up with the exercise when not being snotty. Woop! I am still going to circuits and adapting some exercises. No ab work of course. I’ve also continued with Body Pump and have not really needed to drop my weights yet. Simple cardio and free weights are also fine and I’m trying to walk as much when I can and hit my 10,000 steps. My local gym and instructors are brill and I feel safe, knowing I would get told what to leave out.


My Body

Similarly to the gremlin I was soooo bloated in the first trimester. Hubby and I actually went for a private 8 week scan and they couldn’t do it; I was filled with gas and all they could see was black! I had to have it trans vaginal which was fun. Therefore, I often looked huge in the evening but would wake up smaller again. I am really missing my best high waisted black jeans and have worn leggings and low rise jeans I have had for ages. No maternity clothes yet but I will be looking out soon.


Last time I wore these high wasted jeans around 9 weeks!

Saying that I have popped out a lot quicker this time around and was asked in the gym at 8 weeks if I was pregnant! Eeek!! My boobs are wicked, sore but so full again, so I don’t mind about the non-underwired bras.


At 6 weeks no change and my abs still visible


I am now really starting to get excited. The 12 week scan was awesome as we had a lovely midwife and she gave us about 5 pictures and was really chatty. The baby was wriggling all over but we got some great shots. I’m so glad I feel like this now as it has taken that long to get excited. Tiredness, nausea, crankiness and lots of colds really dampened the buzz of being pregnant and sometimes I could hardly think about a baby being in there. I was inspired by some posts by Kaye at Hello Archie as she wrote very similar things so I felt better.

I have no clue what the sex is this time. With the gremlin I was convinced a girl. She is convinced it’s a “baby sister” and we keep telling her noooo it could be a boy. We have decided to find out this time as it drove my hubby mental last time, as I constantly speculated. Also, I want to prepare the gremlin, especially if it is a boy!!


Much less bloat at 12 weeks but a nice little bump

Excuse the messy room in the photo above!

I’m really looking forward to continuing to document my pregnancy and will do another update at 16 weeks.

Thanks for reading!

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