You punch like a Girl

You punch like a Girl

When I exercise I do like to keep up with the guys. Ok, I’m not a heavy lifter or anything like that but when I go to gym classes it’s always fun watching the guy to your left collapse and not be able to continue with press ups on their toes. Sometimes in my Body Pump classes the girls lift or squat heavier than the boys. This always makes me smile and have a personal moment of satisfaction. Well it’s always girls vs. boys in my 10 year old brain!!

 I sometimes get up and go to a morning gym session ran by one of the members. Before I went back to work I managed more regularly but now it tends to be once a week.  This chap is basically nuts. He’s in the gym twice day everyday with endless energy. He runs a 30 minutes spin session followed by an hour of running, weights, intervals or boxing. It can vary from day to day and is good fun if you have a very open mind. There are some regular girls who go but it is predominantly male, meaning a LOT of banter, swearing, sexism and general rudeness. Definitely not for any feminists or the faint hearted. I keep meaning to take a photo of one of the circuit signs which reads “mother ******* burpees” – always makes me laugh. I find that banter makes me work harder and I don’t mind the swearing.Until I started joining in with the boxing classes that is. Now boxing is pretty fab. It’s one of those exercises that can lead to puking if you work too hard. It’s really high intensity and can be quite anaerobic (no oxygen needed). I always find I forget to breath. Fabulous for toning and fat burning. I don’t have the that much experience with boxing, however. Hubby and I used to do some pad work before the gremlin but that’s about it. So I just turn up and punch the pads, get yelled at for being crap and spend more time on the floor doing press-ups and burpees for being crap!! I do try to keep up with the guys and challenge myself but it have to confess when I box I want to punch like a girl. And I want to be punched at like I’m a girl. Sorry to hard any ass female gym warriors out there but it’s true. I think I may be a wuss.

Before Christmas I went to a morning session and due to my amateur pad holding skills, the main man himself punched so hard, the pad hit my nose. Ouchie. Is my nose a bit purple? This is me later with one of my friends when I couldn’t for the life of me work out why it hurt to rub my nose…until it dawned on me.

I decided to stay on a bit this week. I’d just gone back after a cold and had found the whole session a bit harder. Coughing aside though, I thought I’d stick it out. So I was teamed up with a larger guy who thought he was like the nutter group leader. A bit of swearing later and a tug of my ponytail (really??) we proceeded to do some pad work. Cue this guy slamming the pad so hard into my glove as I punch. Cue shooting pain in my wrist. Cue my time to remove gloves and go home. Luckily my wrist is absolutely fine but I’m sure for some guys they forget who they are working with, they show off or generally it doesn’t occur to them because they want a good workout. The latter being fair enough really.

All the same it’s definitely made me think about trying to keep up all the time. I haven’t got anything to prove.  It’s all about making the effort and doing some exercise. Anything is better than nothing and I’m sure I do well enough getting my bum out of bed at 6.10am on my non-working days. Think I’ll be passing on the boxing sessions in the future mornings unless I get some serious training. Think I’ll go home after circuits and paint my nails……