So where do I start?

So where do I start?

So after noseying at so many blogs of my scrapbooking heroines on Instagram I finally got my act together and decided to start blogging myself.

It looks like a fabulous way to connect with others, share ideas and in one way be like doing a diary.

So I thought I would talk a little about myself and my family as a little introduction before I get going. I’m a 30 year old metabolic dietitian by profession. The first comment I get everytime is “I could do with losing some weight; any advice?” Yes, I do help people with their weight but my main role is looking after people who were born with genetic conditions affecting their ability to break down certain parts of food. For example parts of protein or specific fat types. This is a brilliant job; so interesting and you form great relationships with your patients as I look after them for life. If I am being honest when I trained to be a dietitian I had no clue what the job really meant…I just liked healthy eating and the science of eating. I have been qualified almost 7 years and not looked back.

This takes up three days of my week and the other four I spend with my gorgeous little daughter, who is almost 17 months and my husband of 2 years Chris. My little one is pretty good with her talking so it is lovely spending time with her as she is like my little friend. We tend to go to singing and dancing classes, swimming and visiting friends. Now she is walking a simple roam in the park is amazing for her. As a family we enjoy going for walks, visiting the in-laws and friends. Chris and I love our date nights when we get the chance!

My main hobbies and the title of this blog is exercising and scrapbooking. Both I will talk about in more detail later on.

So thanks for looking and here is to many more posts!

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