Eff Off Peppa Pig

Eff Off Peppa Pig

You know the times when you have forgotten you have left Peppa Pig running despite watching something else? This happens all the time. You are in blissful adult TV ignorance and bam! The other night we were greeted with loudest rendition of the Peppa Pig theme tune; the episodes had been running since before gremlin’s bathtime. After a few giggles and groans hubby squarely looked at the TV and calmly said “Eff off Peppa Pig”. It was one of those be there moments but honestly there are days where I could say the same thing. 

Don’t get me wrong I do love the bossy little piggy she is. I know it’s written with us sad act grown-ups in mind (who doesn’t love mocking Daddy Pig eh?) and it has saved us many times. Tantrums, illness, flights, meals, those times where you just cannot be bothered apart from flopping on the sofa. Those times I’d kiss Peppa’s skinny little foot but sometimes……I just want to say eff off Peppa Pig:

  • At midnight when I can’t sleep and the theme tune is going around and around in my head and this continues until 3am.
  • When hubby has made tea and I’ve tidied up and not realised that Peppa Pig has been playing the whole time and I’ve half watched it and am waiting to see which one is on next.
  • When the gremlin wakes up from a nap and is screaming and saying pathetically “Peppa”. Noooooooo.
  • When I’m talking to the gremlin about what her Daddy is going to do and yes I’ve called him Daddy Pig. Yes, seriously.
  • When I’m walking around the supermarket and there is Peppa toothpaste, Peppa cakes, Peppa crisps, Peppa spaghetti in a tin. What’s next? Peppa loo-roll? Peppa bacon? Too much?
  • When you are sharing a glass of wine on a Saturday night and you are having a serious discussion with your hubby about an episode, how mean everyone is to Daddy Pig and how you want to punch Edmond Elephant.
  • When you vow you aren’t going to buy ANYMORE Peppa clothes as they cost twice as much and your daughter looks obsessed and then you see a cute nightie and buy it anyway.
  • THAT chocolate advent calendar you bought for a 15 month old.
  • The memory of the gremlin’s first poo on a potty was in front of Peppa Pig and what was on the potty? You guessed it….PEPPA!
I know some of these things are my own doing. The Peppa TV Company Inc have sucked us all in big time with all the merchandise. Anything for a quiet life and a happy girl sometimes. It makes her feel good and what’s more important?  Anyways she isn’t going to like it for that much longer. Is she?

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