What’s Right for You – StupidGirl45

What’s Right for You – StupidGirl45
Hello and welcome to Week 6 of my What’s Right for You feature! Time is flying and this time it is the turn of Becky from StupidGirl45.
Bit about the Blog and the Family
Hi, I’m stupidgirl45! I set up my blog in 2009 as an outlet to encourage me to write a book. Needless to say the book has still not been written. Instead I’ve now posted over 200 posts covering mostly music, writing, social media and parenting.
On other stuff about me? Well, when I’m not a mummy also I love rock climbing, cake, tequila, Game of Thrones and read pretty much everything. I’m a feminist, a fence sitter and an aspiring Khaleesi. Finally, why Stupidgirl45? Stupid Girl is from this song by Garbage and 45 comes from this song.
I live in Suburbia with Husbando and Baby45. I’ve been with Husbando since university – 13 years now – and Baby45 arrived 10 years into that. I love being a little family of 3 and introducing Baby45 to all the stuff we like – climbing, music, the outdoors, and general fun!

The Questions
Did you drink any alcohol before and during your pregnancy?
Right before I found out I was pregnant, I went on a work ski trip. So there may have been some alcohol involved! But as soon as I found out (5 wks) I didn’t have any other alcohol bar one glass until after I had my son. To be honest, I didn’t want to. And I wasn’t fussed about giving it up either. My alcohol tolerance is pretty low now though!
Did you find out the gender of your baby? 
Yes. I wanted to.  I had some mental health issues when I was pregnant – namely Ante-Natal depression and anxiety so knowing the sex helped make everything more real and less scary for me.
Did you have a 4D scan? 
No. In all honesty I think they look a little weird – but each to their own!
Did you exercise during pregnancy? 
My main form of exercise before I got pregnant was rock climbing. Although this is safe to do during pregnancy if you are an experienced climber, I just didn’t feel like it. I did a little pregnancy yoga but otherwise I was too nauseated and in pain (Braxton Hicks from 18 WEEKS!) to do much at all. I felt bad I couldn’t do more though and beat myself up a lot.
During labour – pain relief? 
A tens machine, some paracetamol. I did “use” some gas and air but the midwives told me after I’d used it wrong and it hadn’t worked at all. I got to hospital at 9cm so to be honest most pain relief wasn’t much use at that point.
Out through the twinkle (please insert your own word here) or the sun-roof?
I had a vaginal birth if that’s what you’re asking. I don’t see why I need to call it a twinkle – it’s not a cupcake with frosting!
Breast or bottle feeding?
Both – I object to this being an either/or question – most people I know did both. Baby45 had weight problems so he was topped up with expressed milk for the first 6 weeks. But otherwise we exclusively breastfed to 25months. I was pretty pleased with that but happy to stop when we did.
Co-sleeping or solo sleeping? 
Again, not an either or question, we’ve done both. I didn’t actively set up to co-sleep but I read up on how to do it safely and it felt right for us. We had a co-sleeper cot for the first 6 months but Baby45 didn’t want to sleep in our bed and was happy to be right next to me in his bed. We generally only co-slept during illness or development when he wanted comforting. It tended to go hand in hand with breastfeeding during the night anyway.  We still co-sleep as needed now but Baby45 knows his bed is his bed and our bed is our bed.
Did you use a sling? 
Yes, and I loved it. It was one of my favourite parts of parenting. I started with a babybjorn and then moved to Close Caboo and then a Connecta and an Ergo. I’ve carried him on my back until he was two. He loved it and when he was little and ill it was such an easy way to comfort him and get stuff done. I loved him being all snuggly close to me and it made trips to town to see friends really quick and easy.
When did your baby move to their own room? 
Six months. I would have kept him our room longer but I think it was just prolonging the inevitable! I cried my eyes out the first night but he settled just fine and didn’t seem to miss us, being just next door!
Dummy or no dummy? 
No dummy, but I did let Baby45 breastfeed whenever he wanted so I’m pretty sure I took the place of a dummy. I didn’t not use one for any particular reason, I just didn’t have one. Plus again with the weight gain issues, I was glad for him to have any extra milk he got when he nursed for comfort rather than just to feed. In hindsight I might have offered a dummy but it would have just been something else to wean him off.
Baby-led weaning or the purees? 
Again, not either or – we did both depending on his mood/the meal/where we were. To be honest, he didn’t really start liking solids til he went to nursery when he was 1 and it still took until 18months for him to really go for 3 proper meals a day.
Pink and blue or gender neutral?
 I guess he does have a lot of traditional “boyish” clothes but if he chose a dress or a skirt or asked for them when we were out, I’d be happy to buy them.  He does like the colour pink and has a pink toy buggy and does ballet. A lot of his clothes (band/music t-shirts) were only in the boys sections which riled me as I have the adult version of a lot of them. It’s not just boys who like music…..If we have another and it’s a girl, I would definitely give her his old clothes but I guess she’d have the option to wear them with skirts or dresses.
Are you a SAHM or back to work?
I work part time, 3 days a week. It’s tough – you get the best of both worlds and the worst of both worlds but I needed to go back for me but I like that I have 2 week days with Baby45 and his little buddies (and their mums!!!)
Have you lost the Mum-tum? 
This is a weird question to ask. I put on 4 stone and I’ve lost it all and more but not down to any particular effort or pressure it just came off gradually. I walk everywhere though and eat fairly well.  However I haven’t lost all the loose skin from gaining so much weight though, that makes up my “mum-tum” but I wouldn’t wish it away though and I’d be happy to wear a bikini. My baby lived in that bit of loose skin.
When did you first leave your baby overnight if at all? 
I’ve never left him over night hahahahahah! I can practically count on one hand the number of times I haven’t done bed time. I am considering leaving him over night soon. To be fair I’ve not had reason to – husband and I don’t really do city breaks, we rock climb and hike and my fitness since having Baby45 has taken a long time to come back so it’s not been worth taking the time off. But I think we will this summer for our wedding anniversary.
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  1. May 28, 2015 / 1:20 pm

    What a fab post – so interesting to read about the choices everyone makes when it comes to parenting and why they choose to do what they do. Hope you enjoy having a night away for your wedding anniversary 🙂

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