Bring the Gym Home

Bring the Gym Home

My parents haven’t been members of the gym for a long time now. Simply for the reason they weren’t going enough for the money to be worth it. My step dad often found he needed to go during peak times and simply couldn’t get on any of the resistance machines. It’s no fun queuing for a machine that is probably going to cause more pain than pleasure!!

Anyone reading this with little ones may be able to relate! My parents haven’t even got little kids anymore and they were still struggling to get their bums down to the gym for a workout. Throw in lack of sleep, no babysitter, a million chores and complete apathy into the mix and the motivation is down in your boots! I’m very lucky that hubby works from home and I tend to leg it first thing.

However the gloomy reality that summer is on it’s way out; it’s now dark when I feel my gremlin’s foot on my head in the morning and the winter isn’t far behind. Not boding well really for gym motivation!!

So what’s the alternative?

I’ve written before about some exercises you can do at home but what if you want a bit more? You know you want to exercise long term but don’t want to commit financially to a gym.

Creating a mini gym at home may be a possibility or even if space could be an issue, investing in a couple of pieces of equipment could be your answer.

My parents have a treadmill, cross trainer and exercise bike, plus a few weights. It’s enough to pack in a good workout and my answer when I go to visit. Tesco currently have some great deals for stationary bikes which ensure you are not spending too much to achieve your goals. Cycling is a bit more comfortable and is a great starting point for those whose struggle with the high impact of running. It tones your leg muscles and burns those calories.

Why is this such a great idea?

  • The equipment will have paid for itself in a few months, when comparing to an expensive gym membership which is ongoing.
  • There is no one watching you if you feel that little bit nervous in a packed gym with others working out.
  • The equipment belongs to you; not on loan from a gym.
  • There is no travelling time to get to a gym or class which can often reduce motivation.
  • You haven’t got to go anywhere once you get home from work or the kids are in bed. It’s dark and cold and you can stay in. Slip your kit on and all you need is 30 minutes.
  • You could exercise in front on the television. 30 minutes is an episode of Eastenders and you are done.
  • You have your own comfort of your own shower when you are done and you haven’t got to drive home.

This is definitely another alternative and will make fitting exercise into your life that little bit easier. There is pressure in front of others and the convenience of a quick 30 minutes will help you get your fix without interrupting your life too much.

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