10 reasons why I know I Have Had a Bad Day with the toddler!

10 reasons why I know I Have Had a Bad Day with the toddler!

We all have them. The crappest most CRAPPEST days with our kids. You love them. Yes, this goes without saying. But they have whined, moaned, cried, changed their mind a million times, eaten a crumb all day and made you want to tear you actual hair out. Fortunately I don’t tend to get these days that often anymore but I always know when I have had one.

girl with mad hair

These are my 10 reasons why:

  • The toys are left in the exact same position the gremlin has left them in from when she finally drops until the next morning.
  • I drink wine…midweek.
  • I’m rummaging around in hubby’s wallet for cash. There’s no way in hell I’m going to be arsed to rustle up one of my salads for work tomorrow.
  • My husband is just an arse. Don’t know why. He’s just an arse.
  • I’ll have bitched to anyone; my Mum, my mates round the corner, my virtual mates, the man in the park. In fact EVERYONE needs to know about my crap day, as of course no mother has ever had one before.
  • Hubby will have sent ME for a timeout.
  • I’ll get up the next day to an un-emptied dishwasher and the kitchen surfaces will look like I have emptied a bag of crumbs all over it. Sod tidying up before bed (always regret this one).
  • If we had a swear jar, there would be enough cash in it for a flight to Australia.
  • I may not even be arsed to blog. Eastenders it is then.
  • I’ll go up to bed, check on my gremlin. Feel horrendously guilty. Hope she woul wake up a bit so I could give her a cheeky cuddle and kiss and maybe a snuggle in bed.

Darn these kids! Love them or wanting to chuck them out of the window; tomorrow is always another day!!