The Fussy Hypocrite

The Fussy Hypocrite
I’m sure as parents we have had the fussy, faddy eating habits from our children. One minute they love something; the next they are wearing it. Food gets wasted, spat out, they moan and bitch. You feed them the same foods day in and out and ultimately try to stay calm. Try being the operative word here.

My gremlin is guilty. Very guilty. She hates all fruit apart from raisins and melon. She will eat all her tuna pasta bake but pick out any piece of pepper that gets into her mouth and sometimes meals are just refused. 
So I get all annoyed and stressy, get a lecture from hubby and ultimately give in. She will eat what she wants bottom line. She has likes and dislikes and choices like us all but this doesn’t stop me from wanting to scream sometimes at mealtimes. So I was pretty mortified to be on a work trip to Lyon this week and find myself in my gremlin’s shoes. How the tables did turn.
One of the companies took us for a wine tasting evening and then on to a chateau for a 5 course home cooked dinner. I had no clue what we would have but it never occurred to me I wouldn’t be keen.

We arrived and were given some appetisers; very strong cheese on toast and some onion tart. These were ok but to be fair it was 8.30pm and I was getting ready to chew on the girl’s arm next to me; I was so hungry. We were brought the second course – a cold pea soup. Hmmm. I hate peas. Really not a fan of those green little balls but I was so desperate for some veggies at that point I ate it. It wasn’t too peay (is that a word?) so I made myself eat it.

We were then brought what looked like a slice of omelette with more peas in it and a bit of salad. This was not too bad as I’m an egg fiend plus some salad was good for my dietitian belly.
Then the main course came out and it was a completely different story. Immediately I pictured myself doing a gremlin, pushing the plate away, drawling that I didn’t like it. It was some sausage covered in a very strong red wine sauce with dauphinois potatoes – basically potatoes in cream. My stomach lurched as I hate creamy, savoury foods. Carbonara sauce is offensive to pasta in my view. Not a green vegetable in sight either. I had a little taste as everyone else tucked but gave up immediately. I was pretty embarrassed as hate wasting food. This intensified when the kind hosts cooked me a plain bit of salmon and some rice instead (which was gorgeous) as they knew I wouldn’t eat it.

I thought it must be dessert next and I couldn’t go wrong with that. Guess again Sarah. They brought out a plate of three little cheeses and a fig chutney. I was sniffing them and moving them around the plate. You know, the way your kid does when you present them with something new and they act like it’s laced with cyanide. I had a small nibble of cheese and gagged. The full plate was left again. Bad. Bad girl.

Finally dessert was brought; a simple piece of cake, which I managed no bother but I was embarrassed. Everyone else had enjoyed the main and the cheeses and I just couldn’t stomach them. I was that annoying fussy eater just like my annoying, fussy gremlin.

Everyone has likes and dislikes, including toddlers. No one really bothered when I couldn’t eat some of the food. I was reassured and told not to worry. “You can’t help it,” I was told. Do I need to chill out a bit? Perhaps. I felt like a bit of a hypocrite really! Hard as it may be, I need to think this a little bit more when my gremlin she is simply telling me she doesn’t like something new. 

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