3 Years Ago….

3 Years Ago….

I cannot believe this time 3 years ago I was peeing on a stick, yet to discover I was going to be a Mum!

I had been at work the Christmas of 2012 and was day 42 into my cycle with no period! I had learnt since coming off the pill my cycles were around 35 days so I was very late.

Hubby and I were on month 3 of trying; probably month 2 of serious trying and I had done a negative pregnancy test a week prior. Since that one I went out with friends, had flown out to Dubai for 48 hours on a work trip and had my Christmas do. Thank goodness I had been sensible and only had a few drinks in that week. I just thought I wasn’t pregnant and my period was on its way!

Me about to go on my work Christmas do…no clue I was about 4 weeks pregnant then

As it had got to Christmas Eve with no sign of Mother Nature, I had decided to do a test when I got home. I figured at least if it was negative I could get over it quickly and enjoy Christmas. I had ummed and errred about doing it on Christmas Day but quickly changed my mind.

Hubby agreed and had since told me he knew that the test would be the one. He knew I was pregnant. I think deep down I knew too at that moment. The second line came really fast faintly and I remember my heart racing and me squealing to hubby that I thought I was pregnant. Sure enough, that line got darker. I still did 2 tests, as they were cheap, crappy ones from Tesco but hey ho? It’s the same hormone test; just no “pregnant” appearing, instead of that line.

I remember thinking everything will be ok and that I knew it was a girl.

Happy memories for me and how the heck has it been 3 years?!

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  1. December 24, 2015 / 4:44 pm

    Lovely memories! I bet it was the best Christmas gift you had received that year…. gorgeous photos!

    • mm
      December 27, 2015 / 6:36 pm

      It was amazing!! x