My Week at a Glance #34

My Week at a Glance #34

Another week has passed and I have felt a lot more serene, despite is being in limbo over house stuff. We had sold ours STC etc but the offer on the one we wanted had not been accepted yet.  However, I had enough of stressing out and basically thought stuff it! What will be, will be.

I took out some of my frustrations at the gym on Saturday morning with some a great Body Pump class and we went and had look at another house, just to be nosey, later on. I was after more curry later (!) so we had another take-away. It was delicious!

On Sunday we met up with friends and had a day in a National Trust place in Stowe. It was fab and a well needed break.

I wasn’t feeling too awesome on Monday; just one of those days so it was tricky looking after the gremlin and being in all afternoon. You know those days; you just want to be alone but you have to entertain a tiny person with the attention span of a goldfish. However, we did have some fun, reading, drawing and generally pottering around.

I worked on Tuesday and was in better spirit on Wednesday. The gremlin and I met up with a friend for tea and teacakes at a local garden centre and this was lovely. You can’t go wrong with the animals there either.

However, as the week progressed I could see the gremlin was starting to get more snotty and coughing, with gunky eyes. A trip to the docs, pushed a bit by her nursery just put it down to a virus (which I knew really!!) Hate wasting the GP’s time. However, by Thursday pm she was feeling pretty rubbish and I had to take Friday off work to look after her. We actually had a really nice time and lots of time together and I think she was a bit better by bedtime.

However, we’d also had some better news. Offer on the house was accepted!! Woop! Now let’s start the next bit; fun and games to come!!!

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