Firmoo Sunglasses **REVIEW**

I always buy cheap sunnies. They tend to last me one summer, I trash them in the bottom of my bag or worse still, the gremlin does. I am constantly taking them off her during the sunnier months. So when I was contacted by Firmoo Glasses and asked to review a decent pair of sunglasses I thought definitely. Firmoo ship internationally and I was very impressed with speed of my delivery. They sell both prescription glasses and sunglasses. I was spoilt for choice. There is a big selection.

I usually tend to go for Aviators but it can be a bit hit and miss. However, I decided to go for a pair with more of a silvery lens. I did feel a bit nervous not being able to try them on but there is a size guide. This gives you the details of the frame height and width and the temple length. This is good to compare to any old glasses you may have. I was pleased to read that they have 100% sun protection too. The glasses retailed at $19 so must be around £12 and shipping was $12, around £8.



I loved the presentation of the glasses. They came with a fabric case, a hard case (with a brilliant design) and a cleaning cloth.


IMG_4698 IMG_4697

As I said, I can be a bit iffy about buying glasses I haven’t tried on but I was pretty pleased with these ones. We have luckily had a couple of sunny days and I have worn my glasses quite a bit (and also on my head).


I think they are slightly a bit big for my face but I will definitely be wearing them and taking them on my planned holiday. Eek! They gremlin has also got her hands on them and I was pleased to say they are very sturdy and resistant to toddler hands.

They made me feel all summery, despite the fact I am wearing a scarf and they will be coming with me on my drive’s to work.

The glasses are also brilliant mirrors as you can see from the picture, so I reckon hubby will be checking himself out!

These glasses are stylish, affordable and shipping was really quick. Get yourself in the summer mood and treat yourself!

If you would like a pair for yourself Firmoo are kindly providing a free pair of sample glasses (shipping and handling not included). Have a look at the collection here. All you need to do is use the code sarahboocock2 and the code is valid until April 24th 2016.

I was provided these sunglasses free of charge for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.