Everyday is Black Friday!

Everyday is Black Friday!

I wrote a post a while ago about how I miss shopping whilst pregnant. Don’t get me wrong I love my body shape and my bump but summer fashion just isn’t going to cut it with me this summer!

I do still love a bargain and my husband is even worse!! He scours the internet for a good deal and often will wait days, even weeks before purchasing an item, just to ensure he gets the best price.

When I was contacted by the website Everyday is Black Friday I thought this was right up our street! This is basically a website that finds the best deals for you online. It can be time consuming to trawl through products on the web but this site visits a vast number of retailer websites and checks the prices every 24 hours. The site does compare itself to Google which visits various sites and indexes the information but Everyday is Black Friday is only looking at products.

black friday

There are over 150 retailers listed and 1.7 million products on the database.  As you can see above Argos, Currys, ASOS and Topshop are included.

When I geeked it up and had another read on how the site works, there is information describing the software like a “trio of spiders” scan the web. The first spider finds and extracts all the information. Spider 2 checks it is a product and if so queues it. Finally spider 3 checks the price and re-checks this every 24 hours.

What I personally liked is the 30 day price history. Some products appear to be cheaper but if you look back have been at a cheaper price for a long time, suggested this is the actual real worth of the product; a phony deal. This makes choosing a legitimate bargain easier.

So do you want to shop like it’s Black Friday everyday? Head on over to chase up some bargains.

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