Being a Dad – Happy Father’s Day!

Being a Dad – Happy Father’s Day!

I’m a firm believer in the equality of Mums and Dads in bringing up kids.

These memes and posts that slate dads just piss me off. I know there are some dead beats around but there are also some fab Dads out there, including my gremlin’s.

My Dad left when I was 8 and is sadly not with us anymore. He still saw us regularly but sometimes I wish it had been more. I often think there were parts of him I didn’t know that well and he is always in my thoughts. My step-dad Dave has pretty much filled his shoes partly and fully for a long while now, as he had a long illness.  Happy Father’s Day to you both, with love.

My hubby is a brill Dad to the gremlin and I hope she has that for a very long time.

I salute you hubster for many reasons and although many of these are fun, without you helping me out, I wouldn’t survive work or have a life outside motherhood. Thanks darling and here they are:

  • For being the most ridiculous one with the gremlin. Farting, raspberries and telling her me mine smell like broccoli is all down to you.
  • For being able to put her hair up in a better ponytail than me.
  • For cooking most of her meals. Your lasagne, tuna pasta bake, bolognaise and her fave – fish fingers, oven chips and green beans go down a treat.
  • You take her to nursery 3 days a week. Without this I would have to leave for work 20 minutes later and have a ginger rage with the traffic and parking.
  • You let me go to the gym – exercise my third love in life, or fourth (scrapbooking) or fifth (food?). Hmmm.
  • For having your coffee morning with the gremlin on a Saturday – I may gym and only do chores by the time you come home but it’s often the only time I’m alone in the house.
  • For trying to teach her about computers; it’s flipping hilarious as she’s not 3 and must think you are insane.

For all of these things daft or serious, they help me to become a better Mum and show the gremlin how much you love her.

I didn’t have a clue what to get the hubster for Father’s Day. He had recently bought himself a pair of boxers a size too small (snorts).

It was a delight to receive a surprise parcel from House of Fraser for some very tight Diesel boxers (in the correct size!)




As they retailed at £37, it is not something we would usually buy so is a lovely treat for him (and maybe me?) They are a snug fit but look great (he wouldn’t let me get a snap!)

Happy Father’s Day hubster from me and the gremlin! xx

Disclosure – We received the gift from House of Fraser free of charge and all thought and opinions are our own.

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