My Happy Week #22

My Happy Week #22

Welcome to week 22 of being happy! Wow! These updates have been going along for quite a bit now and they are definitely a good way for me to focus on the happy, even if I have had a crappy week.

So what have we been up to this week and more importantly what has been happy?

  • The gremlin’s face when she got an ice-cream at Chester Zoo. It felt like she had nagged for it for about 5 years but she was soooo happy.
  • A lovely family weekend in Chester for my step Dad’s 50th. We had a trip to the zoo, chill time and a meal out.
  • The gremlin bumped into her buddies at the park on Monday and was really excited. There was lots of giggling and running about.
  • An early morning gym session when the gremlin woke me up. Glad to get it in as I have been a bit snotty after so had to knock it on the head for a few days.
  • My lovely friend having the gremlin for a couple of hours so I could chill. This was great as I was feeling a bit poorly and tired on Wednesday with the snot.
  • Lots of lovely stuff coming through the blog to review. A fast cooker, a day trip out and a meal. Love it when I get these opportunities.
  • A second breakfast with the gremlin. Get the carbs in!! I had a lovely toasted teacake and a cuppa.
  • Being told little piglet has had a grow in the last 3 weeks so no need for extra scans. More on my bump update next week.

So there you have it lovelies!

See you next week!

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