The Bests of 2016

I hate the way life goes so fast the older you get. Hubby explains it to me in a rather depressing way but very true. As a kid times goes so slowly as 1 year to a 5 year old is a 1/5 of their life!! To me 1 year is 1/32 of my life and therefore seems to go so quickly in comparison. After listening to Christmas songs on Heart Xmas for about a month, I decided it was time to think about the best’s of the 2016 generally and for my corner of the internet, here at Run Jump Scrap.

  • I obviously have to start with the birth of my second little girl and how grateful I am to fall pregnant with her in the first place so quickly! Hubby and I hoped 2016 would be the year of the sibling for the gremlin. After a fantastic break in Edinburgh with friends, I got pathetically drunk on about 3 drinks for the last time. Fast forward 2-3 weeks and we were overjoyed to do 2 positive pregnancy tests. I was expecting Piglet in September. This little girl is a complete joy and we love her so much. you can have a read for more at her 3 month update but she has made us very happy.

  • Moving house. This happened in April on my late Grandma’s birthday and she brought us lots of luck. I flipping love my house. I love driving home and having to pinch myself that it is mine. I love that it is next door to one of my best friends and the gremlin adores her little ones. It is near a good school and a 10 minute walk from town.
  • A fantastic trip to Rhodes, Greece in June. I was pregnant, hot and bothered and sober but it was brilliant. The gremlin was easy to manage with time with each of us. I chilled, swam, ate and had a brill time with my family.

  • As mentioned above, a fab trip to Edinburgh at the early start of the year where I met my blogging bud (no blogging for a while though). It was freezing but we had a great time and it was the last night out before I fell pregnant!!

The Blog

I’ve always said my blog is a hobby and with such a busy 2016, it has had to stay that way. However, there have been some highs and here they are.

  • Attending Brit Mums Live 16. It was the only blogging conference I managed to get to with a huge bump but I had a brill couple of nights away. There was no drinking for me but it was lovely to catch up and meet some brilliant bloggers.

  • A good few item reviews this year that have been brilliant and working with Tefal, House of Fraser, George at Asda, Mothercare and Beets Blu to name a few.
  • A few restaurant and outing reviews which we have loved! We have been to Chi Kitchen in Brum three times to test out their menus: an amazing perk.
  • Starting to earn a little through sponsored posts, as not something I tend to do too much.
  • Coming second in House of Fraser’s Kids Dress Kids competition. My hubby took some gorgeous shots of the gremlin in her outfits.

  • Almost at 10k followers on Twitter and slowly growing my Instagram and interactions have increased.  I have been featured a few times in some Instagram communities – #rememberingthesedays #pinklinker.

I’m not writing a post about my blog goals as to be honest, I’m not too sure! Run Jump Scrap is a fun outlet and a fab way to keep a record of my life with the minis but it’s a hobby and I think for now will stay that way.

Just watch this space I guess!

Happy New Year!!

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