Happy 6 Months Piglet!

My little Piglet is half a year old! 6 months has passed. Well, her actual anniversary was a few days ago but Mummy is just slack!

Everyone says it flies and yes they are right. It didn’t at first but now the routine is there, of course it does.

How is she doing?


We started weaning around the 5 month mark. She was so ready. Trying to grab our food, watching us eat and being very interested in food. As I’m already on the controversy wagon, I’ll keep going. I’m not really into baby-led weaning at all. Hubby thinks it’s the control freak dietitian in me but I like to know what she is getting and I cannot cope with the mess! I was going to try more this time as the gremlin was fed mainly on purees and some finger foods. However, little Piglet has eaten everything I have given her in puree form, so we have rapidly built up to three meals a day of meat, fish, lentils or cheese. I use the Annabel Karmel book for my recipes.  She loves raspberries and any form of fruit and goes mental for Greek yoghurt. Breast feeds have dropped and she is having one in the early hours, one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon and one before bed.


No real changes but we haven’t got any teeth yet! Piglet is still napping 3 times a day for around 30 minutes each time and tends to go down around 7.30pm. She is waking once in the early hours and has a feed and goes back to sleep. We have had a couple of dodgy nights with more than one wake but this is rare. I’ll keep taking it whilst it comes.


Well we don’t have any teeth yet so not that!! She is eating obviously and the feeds are dropping. The biggest is sitting unaided. She still wobbles a little but I use my breast feeding pillow to support her. She is using her hands more, splashing in the bath and is fascinated by any of her toys and cuddlies. Piglet’s second swimming trip was much more of a success too.

Life as  A Family of Four

I have always said a newborn is a complete doddle compared to a baby who is now eating, wants playing with and a lot of company. When we have no jobs to do in our house, we have a blast as a family. We have been out with friends, out for meals, swimming, to National Trust and just chilled out. I wish we didn’t have a house to clean or a garden to sort for the summer, as life would be much easier. Hubby and I are having to tag team more as little Piglet wants to be held more. If I want to straighten my hair it’s a bit of a mission. The gremlin has started to be a bit more possessive of me. She miraculously needs a cuddle and can get upset if I go to her sister when she is crying. She always jumps on me in the bath before Piglet is handed to me and I can see she is more jealous. Piglet is just becoming a person and it must be getting harder for her.

How am I Doing?

Good! Apart from a bit of a pregnancy scare (I kid not and it’s a whole new post in itself) all is fine. Time is flying too much for my liking and I know I will be back at work before I know it. My knee is a bit hit and miss but I am managing to get to the gym reasonably often. Mentally I feel fine, as long as my hormones do not get involved!

My updates will slow down a bit now and I think I’ll pop back at 9 months.

That will be around in a flash!!

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