Perfect and Proud Instagram Community – Week 5 Roundup

Perfect and Proud  Instagram Community – Week 5 Roundup

Happy Mothering Sunday and a big hello!

Welcome to the fifth #perfectandproud photograph round up! I will be doing the round up this week and each host will then take it in turns from this week onwards.

The Instagram community is hosted by myself and the following lovely bloggers.

Firstly, we would just like to say a big thanks to those who have joined in.  We have over 1800 photos now; this is brilliant!

As it is Mother’s Day of course the theme had to be the Mamas.

Mine was From Mamma With Love and is such a gorgeous shot. I like the black and white too.

This could just be my favourite picture of me and my girly. Its not perfect but I love it. It sums up how I feel about being a Mum perfectly. I’m on top of a hill on a freezing cold January morning, I have been awake since 5am and there are some serious bags under my eyes. I am exhausted. But then if you look a little closer, just to the sides of the bags, there are little wrinkles, the kind of wrinkles I like to think you get through all the happiness and laughter in your life. And this smiley little girl has brought so much more of that into my life. In this picture I may look tired, but Im smiling a smile full of love, because I know just how lucky I am to be her Mama ❤️#meaningofmum @lifecake

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Kimberly from Odd Hogg chose Little Family London and I agree this is a beaut. Love the blossom as well as the models.

Victoria from Mummy Times Two chose the lovely Lucy from Real Mum Reviews who will have her first Mother’s Day as a Mum of 2 girls.

Loving life outside at the moment – happy day in the sunshine with my girls!

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Laura from Five Little Doves chose Topsy Turvy Tribe with this lovely shot. Total love there.

Well done to all that are featured and check back next week to see if it is you!

Massive thanks again to those who have joined in and will see you next Sunday with more favourites!

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