Prince George has a TANTRUM? Whaaaaat?

Like many of us, I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa getting married. Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding or scrutinising the bride’s dress sense? What I have found weird though, is rather than seeing pictures of the bride, there seems to more focus on Prince George having a strop and getting a bollocking from Kate. More focus on a kid sobbing because his Mum told him off. It was even on the front page of a newpaper, as I was browsing around Asda earlier. The Daily Star, but still.

How is this news?? How is this almost breaking news?

Shock horror. Prince George is a NORMAL child. He is naughty. He doesn’t fart glitter or poop rainbows. He is a little boy, dressed in uncomfortable clothes, who is probably bored at a wedding. If he is anything like my gremlin, boredom = becoming a little bugger. It means antagonising her baby sister. It means winding us up. It means becoming temporarily deaf. It means basically doing anything that will cause us to explode in rage.

The focus on Kate combining her role as Princess and Mother being splashed all over social media and the press did make me smile a little but also irritated me slightly.

I can understand that perhaps the fact that Kate has to yell at her eldest, makes us mere mortals feel normal. The so called “perfect” Princess does not have perfect children. She loses her shit like all us Mums do. She just looks like a model doing it! But really why would we think she is any different to any other parent out there underneath all the Royalness and media perfect bravado?

And once again why is this really front page news?

Possibly the fact that parents are still under so much pressure to be perfect. To have perfect kids. To have kids that never strop in public. The reality is this will NEVER happen. I’ve lost it with my eldest, sometimes in public and yes I have regretted it. Parenting is hard work sometimes and struggling with tired, frustrated little ones, who find it hard to do what we want them to do or express themselves is worthy of a medal some days. I can understand that we all need reassurance we are doing a brilliant job, despite the frizzy hair, no make-up, shit hole house and hair legs.

Kate may have done us all a favour really. She may have lifted us a bit and made me realise we are just the same as the Royals. Bumbling around trying to be grown ups and bringing little people up.

But the fact she has does sadden me a little.

Don’t compare yourself to a Princess. Don’t compare yourself to others.

You are doing a brilliant job at one of the hardest jobs there is!

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