My Happy Week #66

My Happy Week #66

Ok I am officially melting as I write this. I am loving the hot weather. Luckily the girls haven’t been affected by the heat too much at night and are still sleeping.

It’s been a bit of a hectic week as hubby has been away and late home so I have done more solo parenting which is seriously harder work (!) but the girls haven’t been too bad; I just missed another pair of hands.

So what has made us happy this?

– Parties! The gremlin has been to two over the weekend and one was with the lovely Lucy at Real Mum Review. It was soooo hot but fun!

– Work. I went in for a KIT day on Tuesday. I expected to feel a little jittery but it was like I have never been away. ┬áIt’s mad as been over 9 months now. Time really flies when on maternity leave.

– I have to mention the weather as although it has been mega hot, we have enjoyed eating outside, having all the doors open, wine al-fresco and just the sunshine!

– Catching with friends. It’s always nice to see people and have a natter or a good rant!

– Some good blog bits this week and it is nice to be making a little money! My organisation and tracking of this, however has been rubbish. Time to get Excel out in panic!

– Managing to cope solo parenting just about! Hubby was late for 3 nights so I got a lot of practice in. My Mum over one night.

– Getting excited for my family coming over from the States at the weekend. It has been a loooonng time!

I’m working like a loon to get the blog sorted so I can enjoy some family time.

Have a good one lovelies!


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