My Happy Week #68

My Happy Week #68

It’s been a lovely week as hubby has been off work and my family have been over. Lots of happy moments. The weather has even picked up a little so it’s been lovely.

So what have been the best bits?

– Taking the gremlin up to her school fete on Saturday. She is getting more and more ready to go. Then we went around to my neighbours and the kids played and the adults could chill.

– A lovely family party for my Nan at the weekend. It was great to eat, chat and have a couple of sneaky Proseccos.

– Taking the gremlin bowling. She loved it! It was such good fun and totally reminded me of being a kid. I was totally thrashed though.

– My auntie and cousin coming to stay for a couple of nights. They are over from the States and we hadn’t seen them for 3 years. There was lots of chat and plenty of gremlin excitement. The time went wayyy too fast though.

– Going trampolining with everyone. It was really fun though I ache so much now from the assault course. The gremlin was so pink and hot afterwards.

– Hubby being off all week. It has been really chilled and we have had a lovely few days.

We are having a night off the gremlin on Sunday as she is staying with Nanny and Grandad. Wonder if we will get more sleep?

Have a good one lovelies!!


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