My Happy Week #70

My Happy Week #70

The time has come for another week of happy. At the moment my days are flying and I’m already seeing the return to work in the horizon. I’m trying not to think about it too much and loving the summer at home with the girls. It has been so warm again and I love it!

So what has made us happy this week?

– Hubby and I FINALLY emptied our garage. We had the loft boarded up so now we have so much space up there. It is so nice to have a clearer garage as it was so full previously.

– A trip into London for a blogging event. It was great to down and have some one on one time with the gremlin. She was also really good at the swimming involved, so I was proud of her.

– Hitting the gym. Although I am injured, I’m feeling positive and doing what I can.

– Buying the gremlin’s school uniform. Although bittersweet, so looked so adorable! Can’t believe she is going to school!

– Piglet just loving the swings at the park! She was so adorable and happy. Lovely to see.

– A lovely day with both the girls on Wednesday. They were so well behaved and happy. We hit town, soft play and saw a friend. They were both very tired afterwards.

– Starting the gremlin’s birthday shopping. I’m not going mad this year at all!!! Just getting her a few bits as she has so much through the blog. Can’t believe she will be 4!

I have some friends over for the weekend and am actually going out for food! I need a new dress for sure!

Have fun lovelies.

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