My Happy Week #71

My Happy Week #71

Where has the sun gone? Typically we are going to hit August, the month of the gremlin’s birthday and it is going to probably rain again!

We have managed to get wet a couple of times this week but we did get out (I had to or would have gone insane!)

So what has made us happy this week?

– My Irish friends coming over at the weekend. We had chats, went out for food and generally had a lovely time. The gremlin loved having them over too.

– Having some time to play with the gremlin this week. Piglet has been having longer naps and we have been able to have some one on one time playing. I’ll miss it when she goes to school.

– A fabulous blog opportunity, in fact my best yet! Will reveal soon but it will be my first piece of proper paid work for a review and will involve some vlogging (eek!)

– Having the lovely Lucy from Real Mum Reviews and Holly from Little Pickle’s Mom over on Wednesday. It was loud. It was chaos but we had a lovely time and the kids had fun.

– Going into London with Piglet for a blog event. She was so well behaved but so tired by the end. I was glad I did it as pushed me to go on my own and navigate with the buggy.

– Catching up with my friend on Friday. Has felt like ages so good to see her.

I have some solo parenting tomorrow and not a clue what we will do so wish me luck!!

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